Course syllabus

  • Teacher:          John Strickland

    Room:               A114

    Phone:             903-891-6440


    Conference:   Seventh period

    Subject:           Spanish I & II



    Welcome to my class!  This will be an exciting year beginning  (or continuing) your journey in the Spanish language.


    Course goals:

    According to the TEKS:

    The novice language learner, when dealing with familiar topics, should:

    1.  understand short utterances when listening and respond orally with learned material;

    2.  produce learned words, phrases, and sentences when speaking and writing;

    3.  detect main ideas in familiar material when listening and reading;

    4.  make lists, copy accurately, and write from dictation;

    5.  recognize the importance in communication to know about the culture; and

    6.  recognize the importance of acquiring accuracy of expression by knowing the components of language, including grammar.




    The best way for parents to contact me is by school email.  Use your child's first and last names, and only his first and last name as the subject of your email.  All other subject wordings will likely get your email considered as one of the many "junk" emails I get a day, and deleted without opening.  I try to respond to emails throughout the day as time permits, but most often, emails are only answered during my conference period.  As an alternative, telephone is another way to contact me.  Be advised, I will not under any circumstances, answer a phone call during class.  Should a face-to-face meeting be required, please use one of the above methods of communication to schedule a conference during my conference period.


    I will only communicate with students face-to-face in class or during tutorials.  If you must email me, use your name as the subject, and most likely, your reply will come personally the next time I see you, and not through a reply email.

    Social Media:

    I do not use Social Media as a means of professional communication. 


    General classroom policies:

    Classroom rules:

    1.  Arrive to class on time with all necessary materials.  Be seated before the tardy bell rings.

    2.  Respect:  Yourself.  Your teacher.  Your classmates.

    3.  Refrain from eating or drinking (anything other than clear water) in the classroom.

    4.  Refrain from talking if the teacher is talking or if office personnel are making announcements over the intercom system.

    5.  Obey all school rules as defined in the student handbook – including dress code.



    1.  Warning

    2.  Detention

    3.  Double detention with attempted parent contact

    4.  Office referral

    Severe disruptions to the learning environment will be grounds for immediate referral to assistant principal's office.

    *Dress-code violations are sent immediately to the appropriate grade-level assistant principal.


    Tardy policy:

    The SHS tardy policy will be enforced.  No student will be permitted to enter the classroom after the tardy bell without a pass.  Tardies will begin to count on Friday, August 29.8


    Hall passes:

    Students are only allowed to leave the room for emergency circumstances or if they receive a yellow pass from the office.     


    Grading policies:

    Access to grades:

    Students are expected to monitor their progress via the online grade portal.  If a student wishes to discuss his grade with the teacher he may do so before or after school during posted tutoring hours.   Class time will not be used to discuss grades with students.


    Grade weights:

    Grades will be weighted according to SISD policy.  Daily work and quizzes will count 30% of the final average and tests and projects will count 70% of the final average.


    Test returns:

    No test (graded or ungraded) is allowed to leave the classroom.  Graded tests are returned in class and students are given time to look over their mistakes and ask questions.  Once all questions have been answered, tests are turned back in to be filed.  If a student should take a test from the room (graded or ungraded) he will receive a 0 for that test.  If a parent should desire to see a test, he may schedule a parent-teacher conference to come to the school and see the test.  The test will not leave the classroom with the parent.


    Test re-takes: 

    In lieu of retaking chapter tests, students are allowed to make corrections to improve their grades.  The procedures for corrections follow. 


    Test Corrections:

    The following are the procedures for test corrections.  The student must arrange to come before or after school to correct the test.  The student will have 1 week after the test is given to correct it.  For example, if a test is given on Thursday the last day to correct that test is the following Thursday (students generally find out chapter test grades on the day they take the test).  If a test falls near the end of a progress-report grading period, the students will be given a week to make corrections, but will also be given a date by which corrections must be finished to be calculated into the progress-report grade.  If a test falls near the end of a report-card grading period, the student will be given a deadline, which may be less than one week, to complete the corrections.  Students will receive directions on the correction process when they come to correct a test.  Incomplete corrections will not receive any credit.  Failed tests can be corrected to a 70, and passed tests can be corrected to a 99. 


    Make up tests: 

    If a student misses a test, he must arrange to take the test within 1 week of returning to school.  Make-up tests are given during tutorial hours.  If a student is missing for a planned absence (i.e. school activity, doctor’s appointment) he may take the test early (no more than 1 day).


    Daily work:

    It is my aim that daily work will be completed in class.  All assignments are due the day they are assigned unless I note otherwise.  All work should be submitted in black or blue ink only.


    Late/make-up daily-work policy:

    As all assignments are due at the end of the period, daily work will not be accepted late.

    Make-up work due to an absence will be due by Friday of the week it was assigned (deadline will be extended in the case of extended absences).  A grade of zero will be recorded for all missed daily work and tests regardless of the reason of the absence.  The grade will be changed when the student turns in the assignment.  Students should check two places for make-up work:

    1. Weekly lesson plans are posted on the side board each week.  Students should look here to find any assignments.

    2.  If handouts were given, students can find a copy, labeled with their name, sorted by date in the file folders hanging by the door.

    All make-up work should be turned in to the black tray on my desk.    


    Daily-work grading procedures:

    Daily work will be assigned every day.  It will be graded based on completion, and students will be given 1 grade for the week.  For example, if 5 assignments are given in class during a week, each assignment will be worth 20 points of that week’s daily work grade.  We will “grade” daily work from the previous day at the beginning of the period so that students can self-monitor their progress prior to the quiz over the topic.



    Students will be given quizzes in class over vocabulary recognition, vocabulary production, and each grammar topic covered.  These quizzes will count as daily grades.


    No-Name policy:

    Any assignment turned in without a name will receive no credit.



    Extra credit:

    Is not offered or given.  Occasionally, students may be given an optional homework assignment. 


    Required supplies:

    Students should bring the following to class everyday:

    -          Pens (black or blue and a color (not black or blue) for grading)

    -          Pencil (for scantron-tests.  Students will have advance notice)

    -          Loose-leaf notebook paper – papers with "fringe" from a spiral notebook are not accepted

    -          1 folder or three-ring binder dedicated to Spanish class

    -          1 box of Kleenex – students will receive an extra daily grade during 9 weeks 1 for bringing Kleenex

    Please detach this page and turn it in by Wednesday, August 26, 2014 for a daily grade.



    I have read Mr. Strickland's syllabus, and understand the standards for which I will be held and the policies that govern his class.





    I have read Mr. Strickland's syllabus, and understand the standards and policies for which my child will be held accountable in his class.





    Remind 101:

    Remind 101 is a web-based texting app.  It enables the teacher to send text messages regarding assignments (particularly tests in this class) from a website.  It is completely anonymous.  The teacher cannot see the phone numbers of the enrollees, and the enrollees do not access the teacher's phone number; the site generates a fake number.


    To enroll, text the appropriate code to 469-275-4958


    1st period   @stri1

    2nd period  @stri2

    3rd period  @stri3

    4th period   @stri4

    5th period   @stri5

    6th period   @stri6


    Please use the following space to relay any information you (student or parent) feel I should know about the student.  Please limit this information to only things that will affect his or her academic performance.