ePortfolio - What should be in My ePortfolio?

  • An ePortfolio is a document that shows all about the skills you have.  The skills that you have that can be used to find a job or get into a college.   Each of the classes that you have taken within a Career and Technical Education (CTE) cluster are helping to build your ePortfolio.  

    For instance, if you are taking classes within the Information Technology Cluster and Computer Programming, you would have something from the Principles of Information Technology class, something from the Java Programming I class, and something from Java II Programming class.  The examples might be a piece of code that you wrote or maybe badges of completion from classes in Google Classroom or CodeHS. 
    You can also include achievements like being a member of different clubs or organizations - the UIL Computer Science team, a member of a Skills USA team, a member of the Computer Science club or a member of the Best team (Robotics competition).  Leadership roles in these organizations are also good to include in an ePortfolio.
    Some of the CTE classes can help you earn certifications.  These certifications are artifacts that you want to add to your ePortfolio.
    Hopefully, in each of the classes that you have taken you have an achievement or artifact that you can add to your ePortfolio.  
    Google Form link with ePortfolio information.