Web Design

  • The Web Tech class is responsible for creating the SHS web pages.  

    This year a committee was bought together to discuss the SHS webpages and how to best maintain them.  The committee changed some of the Sherman ISD's websites by removing redundant links.   The changes also affected the direction of this class by having the class responsible for the list of student Organizations and Clubs but we are no longer responsible for updating the web pages for the clubs.  The clubs web pages will be teacher web pages and the teacher/sponsor will be responsible for the information on the web page. 

    The pages the Web Tech class are responsible for are as follows:
    - Clubs/Organizations list (we will provide a link if a teacher/sponsor web page is created)
            - High School Administration
            - Counselors/ Guidance  
            - CTE Programs
            - UIL

    The Fine Arts, Library and SHS Paw Print are links on the page but other groups are responsible for update.

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