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  • Social Media/ Online Safety Information/Tips for Students & Parents

    The Internet has become a common tool for entertainment, education/learning, and as a way of connecting with others. While Social Media and Online Activity can be a great resource and tons of fun, there are some possible safety issues of which we all need to be aware and work together to protect ourselves and our children.

    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) play the most important role in their child's life. We encourage you to be informed about Internet safety and monitor your child's online activity, including social media accounts, frequently.

    Teens are quickly approaching adulthood and it is vitally important that they begin to assume responsibility for their own safety. By gaining knowledge of Internet Safety and the challenges associated with using Social Media appropriately, teens can be proactive in the prevention of harmful consequences that could impact their future!

    Social media and "anonymous" apps often appear to give users the freedom to send/post what they want without consequences. However, law enforcement can track the senders of cyberbullying and harassing messages through technology by obtaining IP addresses, collaborating with app creators, and more!

    Through the collaboration of Home, School, and Community, we can support our children by promoting SAFE use of technology today, and therefore help protect their bright futures!   

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