New Student Information (Quick Links)

  • New Student Information (Quick Links)

    **How to Register a New student:

    (Includes information about documents needed to enroll a new student at SHS)

    Registration of new students usually starts the 2nd week in August and enrollment times are available by appointment. You may contact the School Registrar for an enrollment appointment starting in July. Appointments are set on a 1st come 1st serve basis. The main number is 903-891-6440.

    **Back to School Important Dates by Campus:

    (Includes Orientation Dates)

    Information about Schedule Pick-up and 9th Grade Orientation is also provided on the 9th Grade Counseling and Guidance Homepage: /webpages/jereeves/

    **Bus Transportation Information:

    (This link provides bus route information)

    You may also set up Bus Transportation by calling this number: 903-891-6433

    ** Parent Pick-Up and Drop-Off is located in the Front of the school and on the side near the band hall

    **Health/Nurse Contact Information:

    (This link provides contact information for each campus nurse along with links for Forms to report medical/health concerns)

    **Who do I contact when my child will be missing school?

    Each grade level office has a secretary that will manage attendance records. You may ask for the attendance clerk for 9th grade and the operator will transfer you to the correct office to report an absent. Absence excuses need to be turned in to the student’s grade level office.

    To request work for your child, you may email each teacher directly (all of your child’s specific teacher’s email addresses are in one location when you have a gradebook (Parent Portal) account. You may also request work through the Counseling Office Secretary, however, 24 hour notice is needed to allow time for the work to be gathered.

    **Athletics Department:

    (This link is where you will find access to the required Physical Form to be in Athletics)

    Contact: Mrs. Sidlo, Athletic Department Secretary, for specific contact information for the Coach assigned to each sport. 903-891-6440 ext.: 4589

    ***You must contact the specific coach for the sport in which you are interested to determine information such as: Try-Out Dates, Practice Times, Competition Dates, participation in the summer prior to enrollment, etc.

    **Lunch Account Information:

    The Link to set up a Lunch Account is on the left. This account is where money can be added to pay for lunches in advance. Forms to apply for Free/Reduced Lunch status are handed out at the Grade Level Meeting during the 1st week of school. Applications can also be picked up in the counseling office.

    **How to Access Grade Information (Parent Portal):

                    This information is also on the 9th Grade Counseling & Guidance Webpage on the left under the Home Page tab:


    **How to get a Locker:

    Locker sign-up is available during Schedule Pick-Up and can also be requested during the school year at the designated office (Office subject to change each year, but students may ask for directions to the correct location from Mrs. Sherry, Counseling Office Secretary).

    Lockers for Athletics are handled by the Coaches.

    **How to get textbooks:

    Textbook pick up is available during schedule pick-up and/or through your teacher if schedule pick up has passed.

    **How to Purchase Football Tickets:


    **How to get information about SHS Clubs/Organizations:

    Attend the Spring Fair to meet representatives from each Club/Organization.

    Get a copy of the updated Club/Organization list (Usually available by the 3rd week of school) from the Counseling Office and contact the Sponsor for the club in which you are interested.

    Watch for announcements and advertisements in the halls regarding meeting dates and information sessions for clubs/organizations.

    **How to Request a Schedule Change:

    Very few schedule changes will be processed after the start of the school year due to House Bill 5 Graduation Requirements and following 4 year plan endorsement sequences. Students are given opportunities to change their course selections in the spring after they have reviewed the courses that have been assigned to them for the following year, based on their 4 year plan. For changes at that time, students must fill out a schedule change request and get it signed by a parent. If the change requested, results in a change in endorsement, then a parent conference with a counselor may be required to make adjustments to the 4 year plan to ensure that Graduation requirements are still on track to be completed on time.

    Schedule changes due to incorrect placement, credit already earned, balancing courses, or due to loss of credit are made as soon as is possible after the start of the school year. If students suspect that they have a scheduling error, then they must request to see their counselor as soon as possible.

    Students requesting a change out of Pre-AP or AP classes are strongly encouraged to wait until after the 3 week Progress Report, and then require a parent signature as well as the current teacher signature of approval. Schedule changes of this nature often result in moving multiple classes and changing multiple teachers.

    Schedule change request forms are available in the counseling office and can be picked up before school, after school, during lunches, or during passing periods.

    Schedule changes may not be possible based on the number of students in a course, times a course is available, and prerequisites required.

    Requests for Lunch Period Changes are not possible since they are assigned based on Teacher lunch assignments.

    **How to get Summer Assignment Information for Pre-AP/ AP courses:


    **How to get Summer Activity Information:


    **How to get 9th Grade Presentation Information:


    **For Even More Information, Access the SHS Student Handbook:

    English Version:


    Spanish Version: