Meet the 9th Grade Counselor!

  • National Hispanic Institute

    The Great Debate!!

    As ninth grade students, we invite you to join an international experience dedicated to excellence and community leadership. The National Hispanic Institute (NHI) is dedicated to creating opportunities for self-reliant leadership in the lives of student leaders and community life. Since 1981, NHI has worked with over 95,000 high achieving students who aim to achieve their full potential as community leaders. We support experiences that allow youth to see themselves doing more than simply having a job in their future. Many of our alumni share that they see themselves as leaders, change-makers, and ultimately, value leaving a legacy.

    Any student leader may participate with NHI so long as they meet our Admission Requirements. Up to 1,000 freshmen join us each year from across the United States and Latin America. Participants must meet at least an 85/100 grade point average and be nominated by their schools or NHI alumni. Statistically, 98.1% of NHI participants attend higher education with 93% pursuing 4-year institutions. Previous internal studies have shown that 90% of NHI alumni graduate within 4-5 years and 67% continue into advanced studies.

    Each Great Debate conference hosts between 150-300 students and discusses complex themes that are important to the growth and leadership supply of the Latino community. NHI’s goal is for youth to increase their capacity to express thought, respond to intellectual challenges, work in organized endeavors and compete against their top peers. Beyond learning about important community issues, you gain a support network of NHI alumni, including education directors, mentors, and coaches. These volunteers are former participants of the Great Debate and other NHI leadership programs like the Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session and Collegiate World Series. They dedicate hundreds of hours of their time to advance your leadership readiness. In addition, our university hosts/partners invest in supplying their campuses and facilities to support your leadership development. As a Great Debate student, receive other opportunities as well – like participation as a volunteer mentor, opportunities to win invitations to Celebración, future programs and access to the NHI College Register network.

    Visit for more information and to register to participate in this AMAZING opportunity.