STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

  • STEM (3 Options)

     Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

    ***Must complete Algebra II, Chemistry and Physics as part of the foundation plan.



    AND: Choose an Option: 1, 2, or 3


    Option 1


    Complete 4 CTE credits with 2 CTE credits within the same career cluster under the STEM endorsement. 

          Note: The final credit must be an advanced CTE course within the STEM endorsement.




    Option 2:

    Complete 2 additional Advanced Math credits for which Algebra II is a prerequisite or 2 additional Adv. Science credits




    Option 3:

    Complete 3 credits using one of the following methods A,B, or C):


    A: Complete 2 Adv. Math credits and 1

         Adv. Science credits   or

    B: Complete 2 Adv. Science credits and

        1 Adv. Math credit  or

    C: Complete 2 STEM CTE credits and 1

         credit in either  an Adv. Math or Adv.




    STEM Option 1 is a great choice for students that will have already earned credit for Algebra I in 8th grade because it allows them to take a math every year without the need to double up.

    Course sequence would be as follows:


    8th - Algebra 1                   9th - Geometry               10th - Algebra 2                11th - Pre-Cal                 12th - AP Calculus AB or BC