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    Taking Dual Credit classes is a fantastic way for students to go ahead and start earning college credit before graduating from high school.  Both parents and students have discovered that there are also financial benefits to taking Dual Credit courses.  Beginning the college journey while still in high school also helps with the high school-to-college transition process.

    The first step in determining whether Dual Credit courses are for you is to view the Dual Credit Presentation below, which contains the information you need and answers most of the questions you probably have about dual credit, including costs, eligibility, how it works, what's available, how courses figure into GPA/rank, grades, textbooks, registration, etc.

    If you decide that Dual Credit is the path you want to take, then you will print, complete, and submit the forms from this webpage to your counselor as soon as possible.  The deadlines are posted in the presentation. (Hint: It might help you if you print the forms and have them in front of you when you view the presentation.


    1.  Print the 3 forms posted below (and have them with you when you view the presentation).

    2.  Click on and view the Dual Credit Presentation

    3.  Complete & return all 3 forms to your counselor as soon as possible, but no later than the deadlines posted in the presentation.