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    Anyone planning to apply for a job, a college, or a scholarship (so that's just about everyone) should create a resume.  Once you've created your resume, you can just add to it as needed.

    Here are a few hints and suggestions to think about when you create your resume:

    • Spelling/Grammar - A resume with great content can be completely destroyed by spelling/grammar errors.  PROOFREAD & EDIT, and then have someone else proofread & edit.
    • Readability - Easy-to-read fonts are best.  Try Times New Roman or Arial.
    • Professional Look - No fancy, colorful paper or unique fonts. 
    • 1 side of 1 page is best - The reader does not want to read a book.  The reader should be able to read through your resume quickly and not have to hunt for information.
    • Clear, Short Descriptions - Avoid writing in complete sentences or paragraphs.  Use action words when possible.
    • Amount of Info - Try to avoid too much info or overly-generic info.
    • Be Honest - Don't overstate your experience.  Any "exaggerations" will come out eventually.



    Where to Build a Resume:

    • You can build a FREE resume in CanvaGoogle Documents or Resume Genius! Don't pay to create a resume!
      • In Naviance, click on the About Me tab.
    • You can also use Microsoft Office on a school computer!



    Here are a few basic resume examples. It is perfectly ok to start with building a basic resume. 


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