Scholarship Resources & Tips


    Some Possible Sources:

    1.  Colleges/universities - Most scholarships are awarded directly through the post-secondary institutions themselves. 

    2.  Employers - Many companies offer scholarships to their employees or their employees' family members.

    3.  Local Organizations/Clubs/Religious Organizations - Many local groups/individuals will award scholarships to students in their area, i.e. churches, civic clubs, service organizations, etc.

    4.  Internet - There are many scholarship search sites.


    Financial Aid and Scholarship Information for Students and Parents

    • See the scholarship section on p. 5 of this document for helpful scholarship information and scholarship search resources. 
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    Important Reminders:

    • Start with applying for scholarships directly to the college/university.
      • Most have a separate scholarship/financial aid application form, and the deadline is usually different (may be earlier) than the regular admissions deadline.
    • Apply for local scholarships.
      • Local scholarships are listed in Naviance on the Scholarship List and on this website.
        • In Naviance, click on the Colleges tab and then on Scholarships & Money.
        • The same scholarships are posted in both places because it is easier for parents to access them on the website.
    • Take your time with applications.
      • Most applications can be located online, and many may ONLY be submitted online.
      • Have someone proofread/edit your applications, especially essays.
      • First impressions (neatness, legibility, etc.) are important.
      • Be sure to have your resume handy.
      • Keep copies of everything.
    • Ask for recommendation letters and transcripts in advance.
      • If a recommendation letter is needed, ask for recommendation letters at least three weeks before the deadline.
      • Request your transcripts through the QR Code in your classroom at least three weeks before the deadline. 
    • Meet all deadlines!
      • Late applications are not accepted and will not be considered.
    • Helpful Hints: 
      • Applications that require essays are sometimes the best ones to apply for because the applicant pool (competition) will be smaller.
      • Scholarships add up! 
        • Don't discount smaller scholarship amounts because they add up!
      • Thank You Notes
        • You may absolutely send a thank you note. It is appropriate and appreciated.