Entrance Exams (ACT / SAT)

  • Use the following guidelines to determine which test(s) you need to take:

    • 4-year, public, Texas
      - ACT or SAT (check individual college's requirements)
      - TSI (or be exempt)

    • 4-year, public, non-Texas
      - ACT or SAT (check individual college's requirements)

    • 4-year, private, Texas or non-Texas
      - ACT or SAT
      - Other - SAT II ("subject" etc.)

    • 2-year (including Grayson College)
      - TSI only (or be exempt)

      (2-yr and then transfer to 4-yr:  No ACT/SAT required.  University
      will determine admission based on performance at 2-yr school. 
      Usually, there is a minimum number of hours you need in order not
      to have to take ACT/SAT; check university's requirements.)
    • SAT Registration SAT Registration Site
    • ACT Registration ACT Registration Site