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    Herff Jones Yearbooks
    Yearbook Production Company




    PicGhost is a batch image editor that does all work online without any software downloads. Drag and drop (or select) up to 40 images from your computer or import images from Facebook, Flickr, or Picasa for each batch edit. Once files upload, start editing to resize, add watermarks, add effects, and more. When finished, apply edits and download the finished image to your computer. This is a very handy way to resize a group of images all at once.

    NY Times A Moment in Time
    The New York Times offers hundreds of user-submitted photographs from all over the world, each capturing "a moment in time" on a Sunday in May, 2010. Search by theme, and then give the virtual globe a spin to select a location from which to view your moment in time. Repeat. You won't want to stop. See the world in images from all over the world, all on the same day.

    WikiArt Visual Art Encyclopedia
    WikiArt is a visual art encyclopedia for anyone looking for high quality images of public domain and copyrighted artwork. The artwork featured in this tool includes both classical and contemporary art. WikiArt is a wiki and editing of contents by participants is encouraged. Moderation of the updates ensures consistent and accurate content. The site includes both public domain artwork as well as those protected by copyright. Site owners stipulate that the protected works on the site are displayed in accordance with Fair Use. The images can only be used for informational and educational purposes and are readily available on the Internet. The images are low resolution copies of the original artworks.

    Mystery Players
    Use this game based on a painting by 19th century American painter Winslow Homer to learn not only about his art, but also about sports. Play this game by looking at the picture (with some additions not in the original painting,) reading the question, and clicking to find the answer. Along the way, you will find out something about the history of various sports. You’ll also learn a little about Winslow Homer. Although the game is geared to elementary age students, even middle school students will enjoy learning facts that they didn’t know about several sports.

    iStock Photos
    Explore millions of royalty-free images, illustrations, videos, and music clips at ridiculously great prices!

    Pics4Learning is a safe, free image library for education. Teachers and students can use the copyright-friendly photos & images for classrooms, multimedia projects, websites, videos, portfolios, or any projects in an educational setting.

    Develops tools for students to engage, create, and share. So that your learners can spend their time creating with media rather than searching for it, the Pics4Learning collection of images is available from inside our student tools. While working on classroom projects, students can browse or search for images in the Pics4Learning collection and add them to their projects immediately. There is no need to open a web browser, go to Pics4Learning, find the images, and copy and paste them into a project.

    Visit the best places in the world through the eyes of random Instagram users via Somewhere. You don't have to be "connected" to Instagram to view the photos. Click your space bar to view a new location. Read a short description of the location and view a photo. Click the "read more" button to find more information about the location (provided by Wikipedia). Although very simple in concept and format, these images will have you returning over and over for more!

    Yale Photogrammar
    Take a visual tour of 90,000 historical US photographs (many related to agriculture) taken between 1935 and 1945 via this interactive map. Browse and find photos several ways: click on any highlighted map area to find images; use the sliding bar to narrow down the time frame for available images; or choose from selected photographers. Click and drag on the map to see other states. Most of the images are in the public domain so can be used as part of multimedia and other projects.

    Here is Today
    Here is Today offers a visual look at time. Click Okay+ to go to the next step in time - from today to this month. Click again to go to the year, and keep moving through eras of geologic time until the creation of the universe millions of years ago. Each step includes an arrow pointing to this day in relation to the rest of the timeline.

    Moment in Time
    What just happened here? The New York Times offers hundreds of user-submitted photographs from all over the world, each capturing "a moment in time" on a Sunday in May, 2010. Search by theme, and then give the virtual globe a spin to select a location from which to view your moment in time. See the world in images from all over the world, all on the same day.

    Visual Patterns
    Explore over 111 different visual patterns and determine what the 43rd step in the pattern would be. Find the equation, use a table, or draw it! This is a fun way to work with patterns, equations, problem solving, and geometry. There is a teacher tab with an explanation about assigning patterns to students and an idea for a form to create for students to fill out. Some patterns have a link with additional information.

    These high quality, high-resolution photos can be used for free. It is not a stock photo site. Find a small number of new photos added weekly. Use any photo for either personal or commercial projects. Find a variety of landscapes, animals, people, and situations in the black and white or colored photographs. Though these are free, the work should be attributed to the artist. You must use Quota Time to save the pictures.

    White House Student Film Festival
    Marvel at the talent of U.S. K-12 student video makers and at the powerful messages they capture in these top 15 videos from the 2015 annual student film festival sponsored by the White House. All the videos focus on themes related to citizenship, volunteerism, community, giving back, service, social justice, or other themes of character and caring. See what students can do with today's technology (even phone or tablet camera), good writing, and a creative desire to communicate a message in three minutes or less.

    PhotoCat is a free online photo editing service. Edit and retouch images easily. Make photo collages in just a few simple steps. Upload any image from your computer. If the image is too large PhotoCat will ask to reduce it automatically. Choose from the many options such as special effects, retouching tools, frames, text, and more. Once completed save your image to your computer or share using social networking links.

    Photo Editing Guide
    Learn the basics of photo editing jargon with this interactive resource. Click any term to view a definition, examples, and an interactive sliding animation demonstrating photo edits using this feature. You may not become an expert in photo editing after using this interactive, but it is an excellent start to becoming familiar with the many vocabulary terms used with photo editing software.

    Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code
    Students can get an introductions to JavaScript by completing the activities in this Star Wars Hour of Code. There is an introductory video prior to completing the puzzles to create the Star Wars Galaxy as well as other explanation video lessons between the puzzles.

    ARKive is a digital library with over 100,000 images and photographs showcasing a record of life on Earth. The focus of ARKive's content is to raise awareness of the world's endangered species. Browse through the site using links to species, places, or topics, and use filters to narrow down content as desired. Find lesson plans and more for educators sorted by age levels under the Educate tab.

    The Picture Collection
    The Picture Collection from the New York Public Library offers a searchable online database of more than 30,000 digitized images from books, magazines, newspapers, original photographs, and more; most of these were created before 1923. Whether you are in need of a primary source picture for a project, or if you are just curious about photography or prints of the past, there are many topics from which to choose. Pictures are no longer being added to this site.

    Digital Collections
    Digital Collections from the New York Public Library is a living database with new materials added every day, featuring prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts, streaming video, and more.



    Gradebook Parent Viewer

    Sherman ISD

    Piner Middle School

    Need Help Waking Up in the Morning?


    Teacher Helps

    Texas Computer Educator's Association

    Copyright Use

    Snopes - Find Out If It's Real

    Poll Everywhere

    Tech Chick Tips

    Creative Commons License

    Online Stopwatches


    Tools for the Classroom

    Online Countdown Ticker

    Jing Project
    Fun site to capture screen shots

    Tammy's Tech Help

    Rubric Maker

    Cyber Safety


    Teacher Sites
    Update your website

    Academic Earth
    Access to video courses and academic lectures from leading colleges and universities

    Kids Tube
    Videos for kids, monitored video sharing site

    Multi-source video news

    Documentary Heaven
    Watch free documentaries online

    Cassipodia Project
    Hi-def science education videos

    Ideas + Energy = Change.... Inspiring Talks from people who are changing the world

    Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

    Review Game Zone

    Printable Storyboards


    PBIS World
    Find Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports for problem classroom behaviors at PBIS World. This complete and easy to use resource includes hundreds of interventions, resources, and data collection and tracking tools. There are discussions about behavior, behavior analysis, problem-solving, ideas, and more! Start by selecting the behavior you want to address and proceed through the steps to the interventions and directions for using them. Some of the topics tackled include Anxiety, Disorganized, Poor Coping Skills, Lack of Participation, and many others.

    Blog Post Ideas Generator
    Get some great ideas for writing ... anything... using this tool. Though the title says Blog Post, use these ideas for any writing. Click on the Generate a Blog Post button to get an open-ended sentence starter to write about. Don't like that one? Click again until you find one you like.

    Free Video Lectures
    Free Video Lectures is a resource offering over 1000 free (upper high school and college level) online courses and 25,000 video lectures from more than 30 universities. Begin your search by choosing a subject or university to explore. Use the search bar to find specific content. Icons for each course offer a short description along with the number of included videos. Find topics ranging from accounting to web designing to business management and many others.

    Parent-Teacher Conference Tip Sheets
    Achieve maximum potential from Parent-Teacher Conferences with these three tip sheets (PDFs) from Harvard Family Research Project. Tip sheets for parents, teachers, and principals offer targeted suggestions for teams working together to promote student success. Suggestions include ideas for before, during, and after conferences and suggestions for all participants to "Be Heard."

    Form Time Ideas
    Form Time Ideas offers a constantly changing selection of daily quick activities in many subjects. (For American teachers, "form time" is roughly equivalent to "homeroom" time.) Choose the Home Page to view a mix of topics such as Brainteasers, In the News Today, and Word of the Day. Select links to choose activities for only specific topics such as literacy, numeracy, or news. Easily print any page using the link in the top right corner of each section. If finished early, refresh the page for a new set of activities.

    Homeroom is an online tool and mobile app to share your class photos privately with parents, students, and others. Create an album and invite people to view it. Each time you update it, the members will be notified. When you populate your album with photos, you can also add a comment. Access Homeroom and upload photos on any device. Initial registration requires either using the app (iOs or Android) or registering using your Google or Facebook account or using a phone number or email. Once registered, you can access the tool using any device using your username and password. Invite others from any device or computer by phone number or email address. They will become members and will be able to update your photo albums. You will be alerted about the new content. Albums are private. Only the people with the invite have access to the photos.

    Life Skills
    Life Skills, created in the UK, offers programs for entering the 21st century work force. Begin by choosing the student or teacher portal. Student information includes People Skills, Managing Money, How to Gain Work Experience, and more presented through videos and interactive activities. Access lesson plans, worksheets, and online activities through the teacher registration. Registration is free with e-mail.

    Searching for and Finding iOS Apps
    While we may love many things about the iTunes Store and iOS apps, we can all agree that finding exactly the right app for a particular curricular need can be difficult. But luckily, there's Fnd. Fnd is a fantastic search engine for anything iOS. What makes it better than searching the App Store is that you can enter a specific topic, like adding fractions, and get back apps that will teach that particular skill instead of only those apps that have those words in their title. And it works the same for music, movies, TV, books, podcasts, and Mac resources.

    TCEA Convention 2015

    Teampedia is a comprehensive and collaborative resource for finding icebreakers, team building, and leadership activities. Browse through almost 100 categories on this wiki. Find trust activities, getting to know you, and online/remote team building. Explore activities based on the group size involved. If you have a great activity and don't see it, add it to Teampedia by following the steps provided.

    TeachNET provides lesson plans, videos for teachers, teacher designed activities for different subjects, How-To Articles, and many other resources.

    Multiple Intelligences
    This highly interactive site provides descriptions for each form of intelligence, including kinesthetic, logical, intrapersonal, visual/spatial, linguistic, interpersonal, musical and naturalistic. After reading about each form of learning, take the interactive quiz to discover your greatest and least effective learning styles.

    Creating a Rubric: Tutorial
    Learn the basic steps for creating a grading rubric with this informative site. Find out why you need rubrics and the six basic steps for designing a rubric for any project. Most of the steps also include links to examples and templates for different situations such as discussions, presentations, and other types of projects.
    Create interactive worksheets, or use one that is already developed and make it your own with After signing up with email get started with Add Task. Follow the prompts for creation; these include selecting text style and color, and choosing a background, adding student tasks (Text, Video, Link, Image), and more. Select question style: Open Question, Multiple Choice, Matching, and more. Then there are the more unusual type responses like Filling in a Table, Image Tagging, Embedding, and others. Share with students by posting the URL given.

    SMS Generator
    Use this clever and simple tool to create conversations (or presentations) that look like text messages. Use the icons on the bottom to get started. Email is not required. Clicking either speech bubble will begin the text message, and click the other one to reply. Save the presentation with a password. Share via embed or QR code or URL. Click on ClassTools for other tools to use in the classroom.

    Nepris is a web-based platform that makes it easy for teachers to connect with industry professionals while providing companies a way to scale education outreach. Teachers create a request based on a curriculum topic or activity that can benefit from an industry connection. Nepris automatically matches the skills of industry professional(s) with the teacher's request and manages the process of connecting them to the right classroom. Industry professionals virtually connect with classroom(s) for an interactive discussion with the students or to help evaluate projects.

    Teaching London Computing
    Teaching London Computing offers a large variety of resources for computer skills teachers. Download their latest magazine with stories about the most recent research, classroom activities, and more. Be sure to check out the classroom activities for primary and secondary school students. Most don't need any additional materials other than resources linked to the activity.

    NBC Learn Free Resources
    This collection of free streaming videos, mostly under six minutes, supports school curriculum using material from NBC News, one of the largest news archives in the world. Topics include language arts, humanities and social sciences, and parenting information. The majority of videos feature STEM content. Specific sample topics include: Mysteries of the Brain, Writers Speak to Kids, Science of NFL Football, and many others.

    Begin your school year with a more personal touch, by knowing what your students' interests are. Thrively is a free tool that gives strengths and interests assessments in an engaging and entertaining way. Based on 23 factors and developed for children, you receive a profile that is personal, positive, and celebrates each child's core strengths and unique talents. Explore a comprehensive activity index with over 120,000 activities and hundreds of videos designed to inspire. The videos feature interesting ideas, leaders, and a range of insights into careers and opportunities that are a good fit for the child's unique strengths.

    Story Shares
    Story Share is the perfect solution for finding relevant and readable content for older students unable to read above the elementary level. Digital content provides interesting material that doesn't condescend teen readers. Browse through titles or choose from the different genres to find available material. Login isn't required to read books. However, it allows you to add books to a reading list and to bookmark the stopping point while reading books.

    Smithsonian Learning Lab
    Discover, create, and share digital resources from the Smithsonian Museum, the National Zoo, and nine major research centers with this site. Use the search feature to find digital resources including photos, recordings, videos, and text.

    Quizlet Live
    Quizlet Live is a classroom quiz game for groups created by the makers of Quizlet, reviewed here. Follow directions to create and share a quiz set and assign to student teams. At least six students are needed to create a Quizlet Live game. When students receive the code and log in, they find other team members and begin competing. Accuracy is encouraged over speed, providing a wrong answer will send teams back to start from the beginning of the quiz.


    Web Tools

    Free Open Source DTP

    This site takes any quotation or poem and creates a "word cloud" (graphical display) of the words in a passage of text. If you make a Wordle, you can choose your own colors, type of display, and font. The most frequent words appear larger and darker. Students can view creations others have made or make their own with or without saving them to the database of clouds. You can also print creations. Wordle is also available for free as both an Android and iOS app. Use it from any device or move between several devices and still access your work.

    Make cool songs with vocabulary

    Read the Words
    Great site to record your voice


    Having trouble converting files? Try this

    Media Content
    File Converter site

    Need to demonstrate a skill? Use this program.

    Delicious Bookmark Management
    Save your bookmarks

    QR Code Generator
    QR stands for Quick Response. These images link to websites, text, or video and are very simple to create.

    Free web-based tool that allows you to create non-linear presentations.


    TechSmith Teaching Tools

    File Converter


    Printable Paper
    Download and print many types of papers easily from Printable Paper. Choose from popular types such as lined paper (college or wide rule), several forms of graph paper, letter templates, and much more. Use the categories listing to find specific options such as penmanship paper, score sheets, music papers, comic page templates, storyboard papers, etc. Click on any paper image to download in PDF format. Don't miss the printable games.

    Fake Concert Ticket Generator
    Create your own novelty tickets. Choose from two different ticket styles and enter information such as row and seat numbers, event title and place, and date of the event. After entering information, click "Make My Ticket!" to view and save your ticket in JPEG format. There could be lots of uses for these in the classroom!

    1000 Free eBooks
    Sainsbury's Book Club offers a large collection of the best copyright free eBooks available without charge. Sort books by recently added or sort alphabetically by author or title. Be sure to choose the link at "How to Read eBooks" in the site menu for information on joining the site. Read the directions about how to read books both on a computer or using mobile apps. The site offers free, downloadable apps to read their eBooks on laptop/PC, Android or iOS.

    Develops tools for students to engage, create, and share. So that your learners can spend their time creating with media rather than searching for it, the Pics4Learning collection of images is available from inside our student tools. While working on classroom projects, students can browse or search for images in the Pics4Learning collection and add them to their projects immediately. There is no need to open a web browser, go to Pics4Learning, find the images, and copy and paste them into a project.

    QR Stuff
    Free QR code generator and QR code online creator. Create QR codes ready to print or to add to a t-shirt.

    Types of Listening
    How well do listen to instructions? Can you hear the instructions and then act on them without seeing them written down? This Casualty Challenge Paramedic Game sets the scene of an accident with you as the paramedic. You are given three tasks to do in order for the accident victim to survive and get to the hospital. That’s a lot of responsibility, so put on your listening ears, pay close attention, and do your job well. Click on “How to Play” to get explicit directions on navigating through the game. When you accomplish your tasks, you can print your certificate.

    Futility Closet
    Futility Closet is a large collection of entertaining and interesting tidbits from history, language arts, literature, and more. There are mind-stretching puzzles and many thought provoking, true tales. The collection contains close to 8,000 tidbits (some with photos or video clips). More are added daily. Choose from categories such as hoaxes, poems, puzzles, or technology to narrow your search. Scroll through the site to find items by date added. This entertaining site will have you returning over and over to explore and find new bits of trivia.

    App Inventor
    This site was designed to help beginners program mobile apps for android. The site offers tutorials with step-by-step directions, an on-line book, and a "course-in-a-box."

    Classics for Kids
    Learn about some of world's greatest classical composers and listen to amazing music! This site also includes information about the history of music, games, materials for educators, and lots of multimedia content.

    Freeplay Music

    Turn digital photos into virtual tours with interactive maps, images, and comments using Mapwing. Create the tours for free. Basic tours offer up to 20 points of entry per floor plan/map. Each area becomes interactive and includes a comment option. Add hotspots to images to view close-up areas or link to websites. Share your tour using the tour's unique URL or use the embed code to embed into your website or blog. To understand the concept, explore tours already uploaded to Mapwing.

    Writing in a strange language is made easier with TalkTyper, a speech-to-text recognition website. Students simply speak into the microphone on their computer and the site turns their words into text. A variety of different languages other than English are included so that students may speak in their native tongue as they being the learning process.

    PD Revival
    This page has a list of Web tools and Apps to use to engage your audience and boost participation. The list was compiled by Nancy Alvarez, an early childhood educator who is now an assistant principal.

    NASA Typing Game
    With technology at the forefront of education, it is important that students know how to type with all their fingers, not just their thumbs. This interactive website allows students to review science vocabulary as well as practice typing. The goal is that students type the word before it leaves the conveyor belt. There are three levels of difficulty that students can choose from so that, as their typing skills increase, they can continue to challenge themselves.

    Timeline Creator Interactive Tool
    This super-simple interactive timeline creator from ReadWriteThink allows students to create a graphical representation of an event or process by displaying items sequentially along a line. Depending on the assignment, students can choose to organize their timelines by time of day, date, or event. The tool offers learners the option to add descriptive text labels in addition to images throughout the project. Students can save their work to their computer to work on later.

    This site is where you can find free images, textures, fonts, and vector graphics from a collection of websites designed for creative people. Each site’s policy is stated in the description next to its link. Some allow content to be used for any purpose and others restrict usage to non-commercial projects.

    Noteflight is an online music creating and sharing tool. Create your own music or view and listen to the works of other artists. After creating your account, click to begin a New Score. Use the tools in the program to add notes, notation, and more to your composition. Be sure to check out the User Guide, Tutorial, and Reference Videos for full instructions on available features.

    My Storybook
    Get into digital storytelling by creating a colorful short story with the tools offered at My Storybook. There is a basic tutorial when you click Create a Storybook. Get started using clipart from My Storybook, upload your images, or use their draw tools to create your own artwork. Click the text box and change the font, font color, and size. Add more text and pages for your book, too. Saving and sharing require an email address. Share by sending the URL, or print your book in PDF format.

    Block out all distractions and just start writing with ZenPen. Remove the instructions found on the page (just click delete). Begin writing without any visual elements in the way. No registration is required! Highlight text and select options to add italics, bold text, or URLs. Use links on the left side of the page to change text and background colors to black and white, toggle to full screen, add a word count, or save work.

    Winter Mad Libs
    Mad Libs is a phrasal template word game where specific parts of speech are substituted for blanks in a story and then read out loud. 110+ million copies of Mad Libs books have been sold since the series was first published in 1958. This site has some fun holiday-themed Mad Libs that students will enjoy.

    Solvy is an interactive math homework helper aligned to Common Core Standards for high school students and teachers. Using problems related to real world situations, Solvy actively works to engage students with high-interest problems. Create a student or teacher account to begin. Teacher accounts offer the opportunity to assign problems to individual students, according to skill levels or content. Solvy automatically grades homework. Teachers receive reports of student progress. (Not compatible with IE.)

    Sharalike is a simple tool to create slideshows. Import images and use the drag and drop feature to put them in order. Add music from their library or upload your own. Share via text, email, Twitter, Facebook, embed code, or URL.

    Adobe Slate
    Create beautiful visual stories with Adobe Slate. Follow prompts to add your own images or select from thousands available online. Personalize your story with text, slide shows, links to outside resources, and more. When complete, share using the unique URL or with the social media links provided.

    Solvemall Crosswords Online
    Solvemall offers a large variety of online crossword puzzles. Choose from a new daily starter puzzle each day or scroll down to find popular sets. In addition to the daily puzzle, most days also have a special topic puzzle such as inventors or musicians. Simply fill in each space on the puzzles with your responses and check when finished to view results. Solve blocked puzzles and collect points by creating a free account.

    Microsoft Tests
    Here is your one stop for free training on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010 as well as typing tests and other challenges. Upon completion of Microsoft tutorials, take corresponding tests to evaluate understanding. Other quizzes include career tests, computer programming subjects, and more.



    Open Office Software

    Checking Your Lunch Account
    Need to see your money in your lunch account? Check the balance here!

    Be All You Can Be
    Students look at how military strength has changed since the end of the draft. By examining pay tables, housing benefits, and other benefits of being in the military, students can look at the incentives the military offers despite the fact the monthly pay for a private is so low. Are these incentives enough to make the military an attractive alternative to private employment?

    My Next Move
    "What do you want to do for a living?" is the springboard for this career and guidance site from the US Department of Labor. Choose from three options depending on how sharply focused your career goals are. Consider job titles, explore general career groups, or take an interest inventory to help guide you. Each job title links to a fuller description: the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed for the job, the education required, the job prospects in that career and the personality traits that are linked to success in the career. Job titles are also categorized by whether the long term prospects for growth in that category are strong, whether the career is part of the "green economy" and whether there are internships or job training programs associated with that career.

    Computer Science Degrees
    For students interested in pursuing computer science education, this website offers an in-depth guide to computer science degrees and careers. Resources include information about computer science degrees by subject and level, salary ranges, scholarships, internships and cutting-edge fields such as robotics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

    Story of the Web
    Celebrate 25 years of the World Wide Web with this retrospective in interactive form. Scroll through to read about the first ideas and learn about the explosive growth and important events throughout the years. Choose auto-play to watch the timeline unfold or scroll at your own pace. As you progress through the story, watch for links to web stories. Viewers of the site share their personal memories each step along the way. Hover your mouse over the right side of your screen to link to the entire report in PDF format.

    Wordless News
    "See" daily news headlines in illustration form on this clever blog created by illustrator/designer Maria Fabrizio. Each day she chooses a headline to illustrate in a sort of visual riddle, and she also includes the link to the article that inspired it. The result: an engaging visual prompt that tempts your guess at one of the day's top stories. The news sources vary among various mainstream U.S. news sources, such as the New York Times, NBC, NPR, or USA Today. Challenge yourself to stay up to date and think visually.

    Know More
    Know More describes itself as "a site for people who like learning stuff." This blog style site offers infographics to intrigue viewers into finding out more. The topics are as widely varied as immigration, snow fall depth, diseases, or the statistics of Jeopardy's Daily Double! New additions appear daily, so you will never run out of things to "know more" about.

    Welcome to ASCEville
    Welcome to ASCEville is a website that helps K-12th graders learn about civil engineering concepts through online games, offline activities, videos, and contests. Through this website, students can learn about building and bridge design.

    How to Evaluate Web Resources
    This is an excellent guide for evaluating the usefulness and authority of web resources. It provides an infographic that could be converted into a poster or linked to a class website. The guide is broken down into steps, with each one supported by clear examples that demonstrate how to follow the instructions. The descriptions explain how the steps determine reliability and usefulness, and what clues indicate a resource may not be trustworthy. The guide could also be used as a tutorial for walking students through how to evaluate the web resources they use in their research.

    Oral Presentations
    Public speaking can be frightening for anyone, but many students struggle with understanding how to even get started. This learning unit from Education Scotland helps students become more confident speakers by explaining how to plan a presentation, how to use visual aids, and how to address an audience. Illustrations, examples, and interactive activities teach students and assess their learning. Pre- and post-activity questions also help students gauge how much they have learned. Anyone can become a better speaker. Click through this mini-unit to learn how.

    Internet Safety for Kids
    Provide kids with a safe online experience with tips and information from O2 Internet Safety for Kids. Choose from several different categories including meeting strangers online, online addiction, safe downloading, and more. Each category includes a short video and specific information about keeping kids safe online, including what to do if each proper behavior is compromised.

    President for a Day!
    Do your students know what qualities it takes to be President of the United States? In this fun activity, students can meet U.S. presidents past and present and learn about some of their daily activities as they fill in their own daily planner. They could be like President Ford and take a swim, visit military bases like President Johnson, or go bowling like President Nixon.

    The Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day
    Both Veterans Day and Memorial Day are important holidays in the U.S. to honor people who have been members of the military. Students can visit this page to find out the differences.

    Smart Girls
    Smart Girls, founded by comedian and actress Amy Poehler, celebrates the achievements and potential of girls and women with news stories, profiles, and interviews.

    Brain Pump
    Learn something new every day with Brain Pump videos. Choose from the many topics including game design, history, science, math, technology, nature, business, casual science, and more to view a random video about the topic.

    Milestones offers a collection of videos demonstrating grade-level expectations for kindergarten through middle school. Choose a grade to start. Select a video from the different categories offered, including reading, math, and writing. These short videos run about a minute in length and provide an excellent look at the successful accomplishment of grade level goals.

    Human Footprint
    Find out how your daily choices of what to eat, drink, or read affect the environment. Five eggs a week adds up to over 20,000 in a lifetime, which amounts to about 57 hens laying eggs for an entire year! Little things add up and small decisions can leave a big carbon footprint. Compare the things you consume to what people in Britain, the United States, and Japan use. Then see photos and a video showing just how many of each item the average American consumes in a lifetime.

    Technology Student Association
    The Technology Student Association (TSA) is an organization offering competitions, leadership events, and more to high school and middle school students involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Learn how to join or start your own chapter with similarly minded members. Find out about the latest school level competitive events. The Student portion of the site offers a comprehensive list of scholarship information as well as links and resources with information on STEM careers.

    Histography is an interactive timeline spanning history from the beginning through 2015 (as of this review), pulling historical events from Wikipedia. Drag the bar across the timeline to any point in history to view stacks of dots representing events. Click any dot to view the event and then go to the link on Wikipedia, if desired. Use the left sidebar to view specific topics such as music or politics throughout history. (Use Chrome or Safari.)

    Engineering the Wright Way
    This interactive provides students with an opportunity to become an aeronautical engineer by using their engineering skills or developing new ones to design and test airplane wings based on the methods of the Wright Brothers. Before getting started, students can explore an online exhibition from the National Air and Space Museum to better understand how they designed their first airplane. They'll step into the workshop and, using a wind tunnel, try their hand at wing design. Then take it to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and see how it flies!

    KQED Education
    KQED Education offers a broad selection of resources for educators and students. Scroll through to find news articles and videos that are frequently published, relating to events around the world. Use the drop down box at the top of the site to view specific topics such as science or news and civics. The drop down for teachers includes links to resources for professional development and integrating articles into the classroom.

    Iditarod Teacher on the Trail
    Iditarod Teacher on the Trail includes posts for the current Teacher on the Trail detailing their journey from selection through participation in the Iditarod. This year's teacher happens to be from Texas! Posts include classroom lessons about the Iditarod in all subject areas. Choose links to particular parts of the curriculum to view videos, classroom images, download printables, and complete lessons.

    Patent Office Kids
    Visit the redesigned Patent Office Kids web pages featuring young inventor profiles, new activities, and videos. Find contests, links, videos, and more to help kids of all ages learn about trademarks and patents, and the importance of intellectual property creation and protection. The invention and design focus of most of the activities makes for perfect STEM and "maker space" lessons.

    Channel One News: One Vote
    Channel One News: One Vote is sure to appeal to and educate young readers. They will meet candidates, and learn how the election process works through engaging videos, infographics, and interactive pages. Find a delegate tracker and a field guide to the candidates (both interactive), a Presidential Trail Calendar and Results, information about One Vote's mock election, and more.

    Today I Learned
    The Today I Learned YouTube playlist from National Geographic shows videos of crazy facts and obscure information. Each video is under three minutes, ideal for quick bits of information. Learn why the brain is wrinkly, or why the ocean is salty, and much more. This playlist is frequently updated, so be sure to return to continue adding to your knowledge of obscure facts.

    Transitioning to College
    This site, delivered via a LibGuide format, is a virtual field trip to a college campus and college library, giving high school students a taste of the higher education experience. Topics emphasize the college and career readiness standards. Short, interesting videos (with transcripts) of college students lead visitors through what to expect, give tips on adjusting, and doing college-level work. Additional links, mostly other college sites, provide more helpful information.

    Texas CTE
    The CTE resource center is a one-stop shop for CTE professional development, instructional materials, and program information. Many new CTE teachers come from business and industry, and need additional support and resources to be successful in the classroom.

    Region X CTE
    Region 10 serves as an advocate for Career and Technical Education (CTE) by providing staff development, technical assistance and serving as liaison to business, industry and education.  By providing up to date training and support, educators have access to essential tools needed for preparing students of all ages for the successful transition to post secondary education and careers.


    Free site for video creations!



    Cinefx Jashaka








    Open Video Project
    The Open Video Project provides a repository of video clips from many different sources for use by researchers and educators. Choose from various genres or collections to find available videos. Find specific content using search filters to find keyword content, video format, the length of the video, and more. Download videos using the links provided with each video clip.


    Sound Sites

    Tom and Jerry Online

    WaveSource Files

    Sound Bible

    Free Wav Sounds


    Television Tunes

    Incompetech Music


    Desktop Publishing

    Headline Genius
    Create interesting and irresistible headlines with the help of Headline Genius. Copy your headline, paste it onto the chalkboard, and then click "Analyse Headline." Instantly receive a grade and valuable information about your headlines such as word balance and character count. Scroll a bit further down the page under the chalkboard for helpful suggestions to improve your headline.

    Webmastering and Coding


    CodeMonkey is an engaging interactive to learn basic coding skills for even younger students. Follow the simple tutorial to learn each step and help the monkey find his bananas. Receive stars for completing each challenge along the way. Thirty challenges offer opportunities for you to progress from basic through more intermediate coding skills.

    Kodable teaches coding to young children through programming logic, sequence, loops, functions, and debugging. Create one free class account for up to 25 students with up to 45 levels. Find lessons with programmed curriculum, explanations of key concepts, and Common Core alignment.

    Code Monster
    This is a fun site for students interested in programming. Code Monster is an interactive introduction to basic programming concepts. Change the code and see the results immediately!

    Learn to Build Android Apps
    Create your own Android app using Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech video with this easy to follow tutorial. The Course In a Box includes several modules taking you step by step through the app building process. Videos and practice exercises guide you through the app creation process while building up in complexity. Final lessons teach skills such as apps that communicate with the web and apps with user-generated data. Registration allows you to save your work.

    Getting Hands-On with Soft Circuits
    Getting Hands-On with Soft Circuits is a PDF facilitator's guide containing several activities for teaching soft circuits to middle and high school students. Designed to build on previously learned concepts the first lesson introduces simple circuits and others continue to parallel circuits and micro-controllers. Lessons include full-color images with explanations and all procedures and tips for successful completion of activities.

    Robo Boogie
    Create a dancing robot and learn code at the same time! Begin by choosing a robot dancer, and then click "Let's Dance!" Edit your robot's dance moves using the toolbars to change the head, arm, and hip movements. Choose from four different music genres for your robot. Switch to Code Mode to view and change current settings. When finished, save and share your dance.