Guidelines for Success

Pursue Excellence

Come to class each day

Attempt your best on every project

Act Responsibly

Meet Deadlines

Use equipment appropriately

Work as a Team

Complete your own job

Help others when requested

Show Respect

Use appropriate tone and language



Check student center then go to assigned computer

Report any equipment concerns to instructor

Navigate to teacher webpage to read Bearcat News and check agenda

Begin assignments 


SPELL CHECK, SAVE, PREVIEW BEFORE Printing (make as close to one page as possible)

Ask permission before printing anything other than school assignments

Collect ONLY your work from printer

Save all assignments in the TECH APPS/PAAVTC/Yearbook folder>Specific folder

Device use is permitted with teacher permission once all assignments are completed for a passing grade and no missing assignments

Clear your station of trash before you leave

Always log off computer and turn off monitor before you leave

Push in chair when leaving lab

Gum is allowed only if I do not see it, I do not hear it, and I do not find it!

Restroom is available 10 minutes after bell and before 10 minutes before the end of class. You must have the hall pass to leave the room.

Tardy Policy

1st Tardy Warning (1st Period 2)

2nd Tardy 30 Minute Detention

3rd Tardy 1 Hour Detention Call Home

4th+ Tardy Referral to the Principals