Welcome to the Piner Middle Counselors' Website

    The Counseling Department of Sherman ISD believes:

    * All students are unique and valuable and will be served by the counseling program.

    * All students can learn, and we recognize that they learn in different ways.

    * The school and community must embrace diversity and promote the value of the individual.

    * At all times we will act as the student advocate.


    6th Grade Counselor- Rebecca Riley- reroberts@shermanisd.net, ext. 4033

    7th Grade Counselor- Lynne Bertineli- lbertinelli@shermanisd.net, ext. 4044

    8th Grade Counselor- Ed Batchelor- ebatchelor@shermanisd.net, ext. 4004





    Children's Advocacy Center

    Grayson County Children's Advocacy Center

    Child and Family Guidance Link

    Child & Family Guidance Center


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    Social Emotional Lessons