Expository Writing Checklist

 Hook- Grab the Readers' Attention- Highlight in Yellow

Bridge- Statement that leads into your Controlling Idea- Underline and Label- Put a ^ next to your bridge

Thesis- Answer to the Writing Prompt- Highlight in Pink

3 Body Paragraphs- Put a * next to the beginning of each paragraph

Transitions beginning each body paragraph- Double underline

5 Brush Strokes- strong voice- include at least 2 Brush Strokes- Underline and Label

1 compound sentence- Put a # next to your compound sentence

1 complex sentence- Put a X next to your complex sentence

Evidence of Thesaurus Use- Replace 5 simple words with vivid/specific language- Highlight in Blue

Conclusion Transition Word or Phrase- Double Underline

Refer back to Thesis statement- Highlight in Yellow

High-Level Mechanics- (use of hyphenated words, use of a semicolon or colon, etc. ) Circle two examples