Academic Vocabulary Practice Worksheet

  • Academic Vocabulary Practice

    1.       The word “Affect” refers to______________________

    While the word “effect” refers to:

    2.       List the causes of pollution:

    3.       2/2 is equivalent to what:

    a.       What is another word for equivalent?

    4.       When asked to evaluate sources, what exactly are you being asked to do?

    5.       What are two examples of an expository essay?

    6.       What is your favorite television program? Explain your answer.

    7.       “It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was howling loudly outside the window. The dark moon haunted the gloomy town. What can you infer will occur next?

    Explain how you inferred this information.

    8.       What is the literal meaning of the following statement: “I’m so hungry I could eat a cow.”

    9.       What would be a logical next step in the following:

    a.       Wake up

    b.      Jump out of bed

    c.       Prepare for the day

    d.      Come to school

    e.      ______________

    10.   Provide an example of a metaphor:

    11.   How could you modify the following sentence:

    a.       the babys be cryying all the time.

    12.   Another term for a personal narrative is a ____________.

    13.   What are your objectives in English and Reading?

    14.   Provide two examples of the word: observe?

    15.   What are three things you oppose?

    16.   Recall what you learned yesterday in any class. Explain.

    17.   What strategies do you use in Reading and/or English?

    18.   What does it mean to synthesize information?

    19.   What is the “theme” of Little Red Riding Hood?”

    20.   What is the tone of the following: Smiling, the child jumped for joy at the news.”

    21.   What is a synonym for the word “verify”?

    22.   What are the three points of view?

    23.   Provide a synonym for following words:

    a.       Happy:

    b.      Sad:

    c.       Walk:

    24.   Complete the analogy: up is to down: as tall is to _____

    25.   Provide a chronology of what you did today.