About Me

  • Hello! My name is Jennifer McCarthy and I will be teaching 8th grade English & ELAR at Piner Middle School for the 2019-2020 school year. This will be my 11th year of teaching, but my eighth with Sherman ISD.

    I am a graduate of Bells High School, attending school in Bells from kindergarten through high school. After graduation, and much deliberation, I attended Texas State Technical College in Marshall, TX to pursue a degree in Instrumentation, a very precise form of engineering. After only one semester I knew that career field was not for me and decided to move back home.

    I worked at Cigna for five and a half years after coming home and pursued an associates degree at Grayson College at the same time. I graduated from GCC with a degree in secondary education after two years of study. I then chose to continue in the education field and moved on to Texas A&M University - Commerce. I continued to work full time for the first two years of my bachelors degree, but as I neared the end I had to make the difficult choice to quit working so I could finish my degree. I graduated from TAMU-C in May 2008 with my bachelors degree in English.

    In November 2001, just two short months after the 9/11 attacks, I married the love of my life and my best friend, Joshua. He continued to stand by me as I pursued my degree, supporting me as we struggled through my education.

    In June 2008 our first child, Rachel, was bornl. She is now nine years old and will be in fourth grade at Bells this year. She is a very intelligent child and is very excited to be starting school this year.

    June 2011 our second child, Taylor, was born. She is now seven years old and is very independent. She is my temper-baby, she is very strong willed and wants to do everything for herself! She will be in second grade this year!

    July 2014 we completed our family by welcoming our third child and first boy, Jacob. He is growing fast and is spoiled rotten by everyone in the family (he is the ONLY grandson on both sides!). He is four years old now and is starting pre-k this year. He loves his big sisters and playing with his cousin Avery!

    My family is my life. Without their support I would never be able to do what I do. Education is a wonderful job for many reasons, and I enjoy every "perk" I get as an educator. I love what I do and truly enjoy teaching children. This year I will be teaching ELAR, which will be a combined reading and English class. It is my hope to make my class a fun subject and to teach kids that language arts is an essential skill for life. My room is always full of fun and I look forward to sharing it with each of you!