• Introduction:   This is my 17th year of teaching  and my 13th year of teaching Algebra.  I graduated in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University and I received my Masters of Business Administration from Oklahoma State University.  I spent 20 years as a Semiconductor Sales Engineer before making Education my second career.


    My wife is retired from the Allen City Library.  I have a daughter that finished her PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Michigan and is a professor at University of Utah.  I have a son that is graduated from Law School at Southern Methodist University and is the debate coach at Prosper High School.  My youngest daughter graduated from Environmental Design at Texas A&M.

     I have 7 grandsons.


    School Supplies

    Red Pen

    Binder or 3 prong folder with pockets (preferred)

    Notebook paper

    2 boxes of tissue for Advisory

    Composition Book


    *Algebra - Graphing Calculator (recommended but not required)

      Can be:  Texas Instrument: TI83/84/84+/84+ color

      Desmos is a free phone APP or on the website


    (*please discuss with Mr. Crookston first, we have loaner calculators)