Quadratic Equation

  • Program for TI83/84



    :Prompt A,B,C


    :Disp “DIS IS “, F



    : (-B-sqrt(B2-4AC))/(2A)à-->E

    : Disp “POS IS “, D
    : Disp “NEG IS “, E




    :Disp "LINE IS ", G

    :Disp "MAX/MIN IS ", H


    *** sqrt = squareroot symbol and --> = store***

    Program gives the Discriminant (F); Left root (E); Right root (D); Line of Symentry (G) and Max or Min (H)

    * the part in red is optional


    Program for TI81



    :Input A

    : Input B
    : Input C


    :Disp F



    : (-B-sqrt(B2-4AC))/(2A)-->E

    : Disp D
    : Disp E




    :Disp G

    :Disp H


    Programming the Casio fx-9750GA Plus

    “A” :? --> A: “B”:? --> B: “C”:? --> C

    “DET IS “:B^2-4AC --> D

    “LINE IS “:-B/(2A) -->E

    “RIGHT IS “:(-B+SQRTD)/(2A)

    “LEFT IS “:(-B-SQRTD)/(2A)

    “MAX IS “:AE^2+BE+C


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