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  • The primary focal points at Grade 8 Math are using basic principles of algebra to analyze and represent proportional and non-proportional relationships and using probability to describe data and make predictions. (A sound understanding of fractions is necessary.)


    Goal: My goal is to have all my students pass the 8th grade STAAR (and Algebra EOC) and have 50% pass with advance. I want to have all my students well prepared for Algebra I for 9th grade so it becomes their easiest subject.

         A good understanding of 8th grade math and Algebra is important to score well on the SAT, ACT and PSAT (National Merit). It is necessary for any college degree and is used in almost all careers. 8th grade math is used very much in personal finances and other personal decisions.

    Grading: Daily work is worth 100 pts. This will be a combination of a worksheet and warm-up. There will be test at the end of each unit. Each test is worth 100 points. I will try to have at least one test every 3-weeks. 

    Grades will be calculated as 2/3 mastery (unit and chapter tests, Quizzes, and projects) and 1/3 non-mastery (homework, warm-up activities, group work and daily assignments).

    Extra help: My tutoring hours are 3:15 - 3:45 pm on everyday of the week (unless there is a scheduled meeting).   I will be glad to schedule for longer hours if needed. Please meet with me as soon as any difficulties arise.

    Textbook: We will be using the Pearson textbook (for 8th Grade Math) and Pearson Algebra 1 textbook.

    Calculators: We have a class set of TI84 Plus calculators that we will be using. The 8th Grade STAAR test does allow calculators. The Algebra End of Course does allow calculators.

    Homework: The typical student should expect about 20 minutes of homework per night (Algebra can expect 1 hour/2 days). I will give assignments in advance to allow the student to adjust for extra-curricular activities.

    Late Assignments: Homework is due at the beginning of the period. Grading late homework is based on Piner’s school wide policy. I will not accept late assignments after the chapter test.

    Makeup for absence: Piner policy permits students one day for make-up work per each day of absence.

    Class Rules: I review my rules the first week of school. Generally I will give a warning before assigning an after in-class detention and give the parents a call. My in-class detentions will be after school. If the problem persists, they will be sent to the office and could receive a 1 hour assigned school detention (ASD).

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