Classroom News

  • First let me say "Welcome to Kindergarten and to Sory Elementary!".  I am so happy to have your children in my class this year, they are a wonderful and I am loving being their teacher!!

    The past two weeks we have been getting to know our school routine.  We have learned where we go in the morning and wait to be picked up, how to unpack in the morning, how we behave on the carpet, at our tables, how to rotate through centers, hall and bathroom expectations, where we go and how we behave for dismissal and last but not least we went to the cafeteria for a meeting with Mr. Traw to learn how Huskies act.  A school bus came to  school to help us learn what was expected of us when we ride a SISD bus. Mrs. White talked with us while we showed her how a good Husky should behave on the bus.

    We also went on a Gingerbread Man Hunt and found all the important places at our school; the office, nurses office, gym, cafeteria, music room, art room, library, and computer lab.  When we got back to our room the Gingerbread Man had left everyone a gingerbread cookie to eat, they were yummy!

    Mrs. Griffen our music teacher came to our room to introduce herself and to introduce us to music.  We had a blast with the rhythm instruments!!  Ms. Dosh our art teacher also came to our room and we got to trace and draw different types of lines with the special magic crayons(the ones with glitter in them).  We really enjoyed this!!!

    Some of the things we will be working on in September are:  writing our names correctly, identifying upper/lowercase letters, parts of a book, main event in a story, rhyme, what nouns are,  numbers 1-5, counting to 30, one-to-one correspondence, matching number sets to numbers, classroom safety, five senses, explore size and mass, school rules/routines, jobs of people at school, authority figures, and why rules are important.  We will also be making a book entitled "All About Me" and a "Brown Bear, Brown Bear book.

    Please check your child's backpack each night for any notes and to see how their day went, thank you again for sharing your child with me this year.  We are off to a fantastic start!