Other Websites

  • Code Monster: http://www.crunchzilla.com/code-monster
    This is a fun site for students interested in programming. Code Monster is an interactive introduction to basic programming concepts. Change the code and see the results immediately! 

    The difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day: 

    Both Veterans Day and Memorial Day are important holidays in the U.S. to honor people who have been members of the military. Students can visit this page to find out the differences.

    President for a Day: http://pbskids.org/democracy/be-president/

    Do your students know what qualities it takes to be President of the United States? In this fun activity, students can meet U.S. presidents past and present and learn about some of their daily activities as they fill in their own daily planner. They could be like President Ford and take a swim, visit military bases like President Johnson, or go bowling like President Nixon. 

    Breaking News Generator


    Design professional looking front pages for a newspaper with this tool. Simply fill in the pertinent information (headline, date, place, and more) and an image. Share via URL, Twitter, or download to your computer. There is also the ability to save a blank template. Be sure to view the several samples available, and click on the little question mark at the end of the title to see ideas for use of this tool. No registration is necessary.



    Use Quiz Socket to quickly get feedback or give assessments. Quiz Socket is so easy to use you can create a quiz on the spur of the moment. No registration is required. Click Create Quiz and get a code to give to participants. Participants enter the code and respond on the Quiz Socket site using any device. Ask multiple choice questions verbally or post them with a projector onto a screen or whiteboard. 

    Make It Memorable


    Explore this video collection of inspirational and heart-warming stories of people around the U.S. Choose from 20 short videos based on Bob Dotson's, (NBC National Correspondent for 40 years) book Make It Memorable. The diverse topics include such titles as 8th Grader Uses Bubble Wrap to Make Skin for Artificial Limbs, Secret Soldiers of World War II, Interview with Florence Owens Thompson, the Mona Lisa of the Dust Bowl, and seventeen other unusual and inspiring subjects.

    STEAMed Magazine


    STEAMed is a free quarterly publication from EducationCloset that provides countless ideas, explanations, lesson plans, videos, podcasts, and more. Some examples of topics include Painting With Pendulums and Making Art with Robots (Art Bots). Both have links to a free video and free lesson plans. There are links to free lessons for Sound Sculpture and Soil Paintings, examples for Making Mental Maps, Architecture, Art and Math, and much more. It is suggested that you download the PDF for easier reading.

    Internet Safety for Kids


    Provide kids with a safe online experience with tips and information from O2 Internet Safety for Kids. Choose from several different categories including meeting strangers online, online addiction, safe downloading, and more. Each category includes a short video and specific information about keeping kids safe online, including what to do if each proper behavior is compromised.

    Over the Edge


    Learn about directions and use a compass rose with this interactive. Answer a few short questions as the activity loads, and then follow directions to locate items on the grid.

    Who Am I?


    Examine objects to determine the identity of the mystery character from the Civil War with this interactive activity from the Smithsonian Institute's exhibition The Price of Freedom: Americans at War. Select a character to begin the challenge. Follow clues to select and drag the correct matching objects to the Evidence Folder. After choosing the two correct pieces of evidence, solve for the correct identity of the character to learn more about him and his role in the Civil War. 

    A Day in the Life: Dress the Part


    Dress the Part is an interactive that teaches about eighteenth-century clothing and its relationship to social status in Virginia. Choose a member from different social statuses such as field slaves up to the gentry. Learn about that place in society and choose the proper clothing. When your member of society is appropriately dressed, read more about their situation and social status.

    Word Mover


    Use Word Mover to assemble found poems from word tiles. Use word banks, existing famous works, or create your own word tiles. Experiment with word placement, size, font, color options, and six backgrounds. Register with a username and save to your device, send as email, or print. Find an introduction video here. Word Mover will work on any device that uses a web browser and Flash. There is also an app for both iPads and Android devices. 

    Kids Against Bullying


    This website aims to teach kids what they can do to help prevent bullying. Read Carmen’s Advice about bullying or ask her a question. Watch videos made by kids to show what bullying looks like and what can be done about it. On the bulletin board, read about why people care about bullying, and/or post why you care. Check out the age-appropriate Bullying 101 Presentation, and download the colorful 16-page Bullying 101 handout. 


    This easy-to-use website allows you to virtually cut folded paper and preview the snowflake. Whether you have students create a flake and then write a story of the flake’s travels or whether you have them incorporate specific mathematical features (rhombus, trapezoid, triangle, etc.), this site will be a fun start.

    Winter Mad Libs


    Mad Libs is a phrasal template word game where specific parts of speech are substituted for blanks in a story and then read out loud. 110+ million copies of Mad Libs books have been sold since the series was first published in 1958. This site has some fun holiday-themed Mad Libs that students will enjoy.