Parent Gradebook Viewer Instructions

  • Please follow the instructions below to access the online gradebook. If you have questions about grades, please contact the teacher responsible for that subject:

    Mrs. Simmons- Math, Science, and Writing
    Miss Reyes- Reading and Social Studies

    To access your child’s information, please follow the steps below:

    1. Start at the home page of your Internet browser.

    2. Navigate to the SISD parent viewer at:

    3. If this is the first time to the page, you must set up an account. Click on the words: click here.

    4. Complete the form. You must know the six digit student id number assigned by SISD. This       number is available on the student progress report.

    5. Click on submit request.

    6. You will receive an email with directions.

    7. If you have questions, please email

    8. Once you receive access to your account, log in to the parent viewer at:

    9. If you have more than one student in SISD you should be able to select each child. If you have more thanone student and they are not listed, please send an email to so the information can be corrected.

    10. Click on your child’s name. The grading summary for your child should appear.

    11. To view individual assignments in a class, click on the grade.

    12. Attendance reflected in the gradebook is not the official SISD attendance.

    13. You may click on the EMAIL SIGN UP button to register for email notification for your child’s grades.


    * The login ID and password confidentiality is crucial - Do NOT give to other people.

    * Please allow teachers turn around time to enter grades.

    * This is a privilege for parents to monitor their child's progress. Any misuse or abuse of this account will result in denial of access.

    * Missing assignments may be calculated in a variety of ways. Please check with your child and/or their teacher for the particular policy in the class.

    * If questions arise regarding grades, please visit with your child, teacher, counselor, or principal.

    * If questions arise regarding the online gradebook, please email and allow 5 business days for a response.