For Parents - Is my child dyslexic?

  • Dyslexia is a specific learning disability, which means it can be identified through testing. In Sherman ISD, we test students beginning at the end of First Grade. Students who fit the profile of a dyslexic student begin the class in the fall of 2nd grade. Parents can request dyslexia testing. If a student needs testing, the referral comes from the classroom teacher and goes through the Response to Intervention committee. First Grade testing is done in May each year. Older students can be referred at any time during the year. Students who need services then begin the program the following semester. The Take Flight dyslexia program lasts two years.  

    Characteristics of dyslexia:

    • Problems with accurately reading words in isolation
    • Problems with reading fluency 
    • Problems with spelling

    These characteristics are a result of:

    • Problems with distinguishing sounds in words (phonological awareness)
    • Problems with phonological memory
    • Problems with rapid naming

    Students will have strengths in non-print areas, such as Oral Language or Math, that make their problems with reading unexpected. (Reversals are irrelevant to the identification of dyslexia. Not all dyslexic students reverse letters and many students who are not dyslexic flip things as well. Reversals are normal through at least 2nd grade and attention issues can also cause problems with directionality.)