For Parents - Is my child dyslexic?

  • Dyslexia is a specific learning disability, which means it can be identified through testing. In Sherman ISD, we test students for the characteristics of dyslexia, and those who fit the profile of a dyslexic student begin the class at the beginning of the following semester. Parents can request dyslexia testing. If a student needs testing, the referral comes from the classroom teacher and goes through the Response to Intervention committee. The Take Flight dyslexia program typically lasts two years.  

    Characteristics of dyslexia:

    • Problems with accurately reading words in isolation
    • Problems with reading fluency 
    • Problems with spelling

    These characteristics are a result of:

    • Problems with distinguishing sounds in words (phonological awareness)
    • Problems with phonological memory
    • Problems with rapid naming

    Students will have strengths in non-print areas, such as Oral Language or Math, that make their problems with reading unexpected. (Reversals are irrelevant to the identification of dyslexia.)