Making Art Connections to Math, Writing, Reading

  • Connections, Connections, Connections!
    Math, reading, writing, social studies, science!!

    Here is a link to some great ways you can integrate art with other subjects for your child....just click on this link.

    In the arts we can easily make connections to other areas of the core content.

    We use math when we:
    • study shape the art element of, both organic and geometric
    • we dissect a shape and use it in its many different forms,such as whole, half, 1/4, math we call this fractions
    • study the art element of balance and discuss the line of symmetry, and the different types of balance: symmetry, asymmetry and rotational symmetry
    • study the art element of form, 2-d shape vs. 3-d form and discuss and create sculptures
    • we study pattern and repetition
    • we study directional lines, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal and apply them in many different ways
    • we study additive and subtractive techniques in sculpture process

    Triangle collage Math Array

    We use reading and literacy skills when we:

    • view a work of art and look at it with an art critical eye to infer the meaning and intent of the artists
      • did the artists depict a story? if so, what would happen before, during and after the image seen in the art work
      • we infer what the picture is about by investigating the images that we see
    • write about our own art work or experience
    • write poetry about our art works
    • read stories about real artists and try to understand what made them stand out in their artistic journey


    We use science when we:

    • study color, the color wheel, color theory, value, tints and shades...when we experiment with mixing colors of paint, clay, any kind of media....we also estimate ratios of paint when mixing tints and shades
    • when we recycle and reuse materials to re-purpose them in our art works
    • we paint butterfly blottos and study symmetry and then discuss the life cycle of a butterfly
    • we study liquids and solids when studying techniques such as Dale Chihuly's hand-blown glass sculptures and then we make out won simulated version

    We incorporate social studies when we:

    • study cultures and artists that create art
    • we question why the artist or the culture created the art and the materials used to create the art works