Artist of the Month

    Outstanding Student Art work at Neblett!
    Here are some examples of outstanding art for August, September, October, November & December!

    2nd Grade Line Library

    Kindergarten Line Rug

    1st Grade Bold Line Design with Movement

    4th Grade Art Element Painting

    3rd grade Line Challenge

    1st grade Line Painting 

    2nd grade
    Lines with Yarn Painting

    4th grade Unbroken Line Drawing

    3rd Grade
    Radial Design Color Wheel

    4th grade Banyan Trees
    1st Grade Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal lines


    "Kindergarten Mouse Paint Color Wheel Lesson"

    "2nd grade Organic and Geometric Shape Paintings"

    "Kindergarten Architecture Drawing"

    "1st Grade Pattern Shapes" 
    "3rd Grade Symmetrical Paper-cuts" 
    "2nd Grade Hearts with Variety" 

    "4th Grade Abstract Portraits" 
    "1st Grade Organic Shape Monster" 
    "3rd Grade Symmetrical paper-cuts" 

    "4th Grade Abstract Portraits"
    "Kindergarten Shape Monsters"