Travel Abroad with School Arts!!!


    My own Art Reflections

    Upon my Return!

    I just have to paint them!!


    "Colorful Houses in Burano"


    "St. Mark's Square, Venice"


    "Island of Burano"

    Travel and Study Art Abroad!!!!

    This summer, I had the opportunity to accompany a group of art educators from all around the United States on a week-long trip to Venice, Italy. The trip was sponsored by School Arts magazine. Our travels included the island of Murano and a tour of a glass-blowing factory there.We watched glass artisans demonstrate the glass-blowing tradition that dates back to 1291 on this tiny island.

    Then....onto the island of Burano, renowned for its hand-made lace. The houses there were so bright and colorful they appeared to spring to life straight out of a crayon box!! Really, see the picture above!

    The highlight was the island of Venice and all of its many sights and sounds! It was an amazing and very memorable place because of the art, the architecture, the people that have left there mark over the centuries and just the amazing survival story and intriguing history of the island itself.

    World Reknowned Art Exhibition Event!....We were able to experience the La Biennale di Venezia.The art event is known world-wide and is held very two years. An artist is selected from each country around the world to show their art work at the event.

    We never stop learning....ever!!!The opportunity to visit and spend time with so many other art educators from across the nation was an opportunity that will not be forgotten soon! I love to bring back any art adventure that I may have to my students and share with them the vast world of art that is so much a reflection of our past, present and future. In so many ways the arts are what define and document so much of what we see and study in the many cultures around this world including our own.