Sherman ISD Art PLC

  • What is an art PLC?

    School Arts online article, "Art Education and the Professional Learning Community", Heather White.

    This year the Sherman art teachers in grades kindergarten-12th grade formed an art professional learning community. An explanation of our PLC is stated below.

    The Sherman ISD Art PLC


    • -          Nurturing the joy, imagination, and creativity of making and appreciating art for young minds.
    • -          Developing creative problem solving skills through art.
    • -          Supporting integration of art across the curriculum.


    • -          The Sherman ISD Art PLC will actively participate in a collaborative team.


    • Art Educators in the Sherman ISD Art PLC will strive to maintain the highest level art program district-wide by:
    • Working Collaboratively

    o   Feeling free to take risks.

    o   Respecting and valuing perspectives other than their own by seeking and valuing every member’s input.

    o   Challenging each other and raising the expectations of everyone.

    o   Aggressive in continually building capacity of each member to work smarter.

    o   To create and sustain a positive environment, we will work together to find solutions to common challenges.

    • -          Being Active Learners

    o   Expand our knowledge in new art trends, best practices, technology, and creative problem solving through such opportunities as professional development, museum visits, and current art and educational literature.

    • -          Valuing Art

    o   Through advocacy and informative exhibition, we will communicate the intrinsic value of the arts, the opportunity the arts provide to develop creative problem solving skills, the empathetic human connections it makes across time and culture, and its invaluable opportunities for self-expression.


    • -          Book study-A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink
    • -          Lesson plan format
    • -          Share art lessons and resources with each other online
    • -          Share resources with each other about special needs students
    • -          Present Hands-on staff development opportunities
    • -          Investigate opportunities for museum field trips in Dallas-Fort Worth area
    • -          Investigate opportunities for collaborations with local artists/art organizations
    • -          Work on the individual art teacher websites
    •       Share classroom management tips