Classroom Discipline and Grading

  • Dear parents,


               This letter is to inform you about the fine arts program at Neblett Elementary School. Your child will come to art class weekly and will be introduced to a variety of art experiences, art tools and art techniques. In addition, we will also be learning about a variety of artists, art styles and art historical time periods. In will be an enriching art experience for them this year and I look forward to teaching each and every child!


    These are my art class expectations:

    Grading Plan: Students will be graded with an M (mastery), S (still developing), N(needs improvement), U (below expectations), on the following:

    * Participation in class discussions

    * Cooperation and participation with others

    * Individual effort on art projects

    Grades will also reflect the student’s:

    * Listening skills

    * Ability to follow directions

    * Cooperation in class with teacher & classmates

    * Care and maintenance of art room, materials and art tools

    * Willingness to contribute to class

    Lack of participation or disruptive behavior may affect your child’s grade in class.


    Class Rules:                                                      Discipline Plan:

    1. Listen & follow directions the 1st time.        1. Verbal warning.

    2. Show respect for self & others.                   2. Time out to reflect on behavior.

    3. Be responsible with time & art materials.     3. Call to parent.

    4. Keep your voice level quiet.                        4. Visit to principal and/or after school

    5. Practice good craftsmanship.                          detention.


      At Neblett Elementary School, we value your children and I personally make an effort to make sure their art experiences are meaningful and memorable. Please enjoy their artwork as it begins to be displayed on our school walls. If you further questions, please contact me at Neblett 903-891-6670 or via email at




                 Beth Hubbert, Neblett Art Teacher