The Scoop on Mrs. Wilcott




    Teaching is my thing!  I really, really love it! Lucky me, I get to teach, recuperate, revitalize, and vacation, then teach some more.  It's a dream job!  Can I get a whoop whoop?!

    In my "before teaching" life, I have been several things -a speech pathologist, home maker and stay at home mom, and an artist.  As a speech pathologist, I worked with children and adults, and resigned after several years to raise my children.  I loved being a stay at home mom.  Getting to be closely involved at my kid's schools and in their lives is something I feel blessed to have been able to do.  (Although, I'm not so sure they felt blessed to have me in their koolaid all the time - - umm, too bad.) During this stay at home time, I took a stained glass class from Jenny at Glassworks in Sherman.  It stuck! I  design and fabricate stained glass windows and make jewelry.   It's creative and fun.  Not profitable, but creative and fun. 

    My husband, RJ, is a cardiothoracic-vascular surgeon at TMC  and is exceptionally good at what he does.  He works long hours and never complains! I mean NEVER! He also doesn't complain that I am always thinking about school, talking about school, doing something related to school, or working much later than I should at  school. He makes a wonderful cup of coffee and is the most disciplined and organized person I know.  He is also the King of Puns. Sometimes we have pun battles.  He always wins.  

    My kids are now grown and making their way in the world.

    Arielle, my first born, is a creative force.  My sister says that if you give Arielle an idea, she can always make it bigger, better, brighter, and just more!  It's true.  She is wonderfully artistic.  And that's an unbiased assessment- it is!

    Blaise is an attorney working at a law firm in Sherman.   He's so knowledgeable about the law and just impresses the heck out of me when he talks "lawyerese".  He works long hours, but still makes time to swing by and see his mom and dad on a regular basis.  Blaise is also following in his dad's footsteps by being a "punny" guy. 

    Rip, his twin brother, is in his fourth year of a medical residency in New York.  He's training in pediatrics and internal medicine.  When he's home, he and his dad will sit and talk shop for hours.  They end up in their own little symptoms and diseases world.  They hardly notice when everyone quietly eases out of the room to have non- disease conversations.  Just kidding....kinda.


    I am a grandmother.  My daughter has two sons, a four year old and a two year old, and it's true, grandchildren change your world.  I can never get enough of those sweet little faces.  When I'm with friends, I will whip out my phone to show pictures of Elijah and Caidam before they finish the question "Do you have pictures?".  A relative once said, "You're not one of those grandmas, are you?"  Pffft! Please! Yes. Yes, I am!  

    In my spare time I enjoy reading.  I like to read what I think my students would be interested in, in addition to immersing myself in a good mystery.  I also like to exercise.  My 4th grade team and I make it a point to work out together a couple of times a week.  It makes the suffering so much more bearable when you're suffering with friends. Also, it makes us a more cohesive team.  I mean, you develop a soft spot for people you fling sweat on and gasp for air with!  Love, love them!! Another way I get some exercise is by walking. I like to walk at the park because there are so many people out taking care of themselves by walking, running, or biking.  I also try to eat a healthy diet, but I love a good milkshake every now and then.  And, ummm, slice of cake.  And chips....I really do eat a healthy diet...really, I do.

     I am pretty competitive.  I walk... fast.  I tried to take a leisurely stroll once.  It didn't work out.  I can't run anymore because I had angry knees.  I had those babies replaced, but I still can't run.  It's okay though, because I can

     I probably watch too many crime shows.  I like Law & Order, Persons of Interest, NCIS, and Cold Case.   I also like Elementary, Criminal Minds and Midsomer Murders.  That last one just fascinates me because of the British accents.  Anyway, one day, my neighbor's truck had been parked in the front of their house for days.  They always parked in their garage.  By the fourth day, I was certain foul play was at hand because on any crime show, a vehicle that does not move for days is a sure indicator of something menacing.  My neighbors were being held against their will or worse....well, you know.  So, I went over to investigate.  The son answered the door....alive,  and everyone was safe and sound.  Go figure!  When I shared the story with my husband, he hoped so badly that I was joking.  I wasn't.  

    I really like competition reality shows like Project Runway and Chopped.  Arielle doesn't get Chopped.  She says it's not like you can taste the food.  I know, but I watch it anyway.....and pause it so I won't miss anything. I also watched and watched The Great British Baking Championship.'s the accents.


    I had a little dog, Rizzo.  He died several years ago.  I still miss him and wish I could hold his little white, fluffy body on my lap again.  He would follow me all around the house, even if I just walked back and forth in the kitchen, which I sometimes did just to tease him.  Back and forth, back and forth. Bwahahaha

    I love Hawaii!  The breeze, the ocean, the giant plants and flowers.  The sun, the relaxing calm.  The friends!.  Heaven.

    Did I mention my grandkids???