Homework Responsibility

  • I believe that homework assignments should serve one or more of the following purposes:

    • To reinforce and enrich learning experiences
    • To teach students to follow directions and to organize time and materials
    • To help students to accept responsibility and to develop self-reliance for assigned work
    • To enable parents to stay informed about their child's progress and about the school's instructional program

         Parents should expect homework going home on Mondays.  It is not due until that following Friday.  They have a week to complete all of their math and spelling pages.  

    Students are responsible for:

    • Turning in assignments when they are due
    • Making sure their parents see the assignment
    • Explaining to parents what homework has been assigned and when it is due
    • Making up assignments that are missed when absent

    Teachers are responsible for:

    • Communicating their homework procedures clearly to students and parents at the beginning of the year
    • Assigning homework that is purposeful and meaningful to student
    • Assigning homework that is related to daily academic program
    • Responding to notes in the take home folders written by parents

    Parents are responsible for:

    • Arranging a quiet, comfortable, well lit place for their student to work
    • Providing encouragement and support for their student
    • Communicating with the teacher when questions arise about an assignment
    • Checking the student's take home folder daily