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           Welcome Back to School!! Now that school has started, I've been able to get to know your kids. They are a great group! I am so excited to work with such a sweet bunch!
            I will be teaching Reading, Language Arts/Writing, and Social Studies to two classes this year: my homeroom class, and Mr. McClendon's homeroom.
    Mr. McClendon will be teaching Math/Science to both of our classes. I have attached a schedule below for you to view, so you will know when you child is in his room.
           For Reading, we will be using the Daily 5 Program, which is a rotation of reading stations. The components of Daily 5 are Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work with Words, and Work on Writing. During our intervention time (DIG time), your child may be working on one of these components.
           We are working on building stamina this year. This means students need to be able to sit and read quietly to themselves for 30-45 minutes. It takes lots of practice at the beginning of the year to build this stamina in third grade. We need your help! Even though we didn't assign a reading log this year, our expectation is that your child will be able to read 3-4 nights a week at home, for at least 20 minutes. This practice pays off and helps your child build reading stamina!
            Along with reading, your child will be studying cross-curricular vocabulary, spelling words, narrative and expository writing, and social studies lessons each week in my classroom.
             Thank you again for all you do! Support from parents is such a help!

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