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  • We are a CHARACTER COUNTS! school.  To learn more about CHARACTER COUNTS! and the six pillars, click on the picture below to go to their website.  Also on this page, I will post the pillar we are focusing on for the month.  I have also included a chart outlining the basic ideas for each pillar.




    Pillar of the Month for April:

    Responsibility and Perseverance



    There are six pillars in the CHARACTER COUNTS! program. 

    Below, you will find the pillars and brief ideas about what each pillar stands for.

    *Follow the Golden Rule! 
    *Be tolerant of differences.  
    *Use manners. 
    *No put downs.
    *Be considerate. 
    *Don’t threaten, hurt, or hit anyone.
    *Deal peacefully with anger and insults.

    *Be honest.
    *Don’t lie, cheat, or steal.  
    *Be reliable. 
    *Be loyal.
    *Build a good reputation.
    *Have the courage to do the right thing.

    *Do your share to make your school better.
    *Be a good neighbor.
    *Obey the laws and rules.
    *Respect authority. 
    *Protect the environment.

    *Do what you are supposed to do. 
    *Persevere-keep trying!  
    *Use self-control. 
    *Think before you act.  
    *Be accountable for your choices.
    *Consider consequences.

    *Be kind. 
    *Show you care.
    *Be compassionate.
    *Express gratitude. 
    *Forgive others. 
    *Help others in need.
    *Put others first.

    *Play by the rules. 

    *Take turns. 
    *Be open-minded.
    *Listen to others. 
    *Don’t take advantage of others. 
    *Don’t blame others carelessly.