Student Council

  • This will be the page where I keep you updated on projects and activities that our
    Student Council members are participating in.
    Upcoming Events: Fundraiser, Community Service Projects, Kindness Week
    Ongoing Events: Daily - Morning door greeters and passing out bags to kids getting breakfast.
     We will try and have monthly meetings on the 1st Wednesday of each month, starting at 2:15.
    2022-2023 Fairview Student Council Representatives Election Results:
    This year we elected representatives from each homeroom class.  They had to make a campaign poster and give a short speech to their class.  Good citizenship, following the rules, treating everyone with respect and kindness, and being serious about your learning are very important.  If a student council member gets a referral anytime after the election or their grades drop below 70, they will be put on probation until the next grading period.  Probation means that they are still a representative, but they cannot attend any meetings or activities while on probation.   If it happens twice, they will be removed as a representative.
    Congratulations to this year's student council representatives:
    Ky'Riah, Anslee, Andie, Cassidy, Brooke, Love, Anayah, Prin'cess
    Justice, Brianna, Isaiah!