Student Council

  • This will be the page where I keep you updated on projects and activities that our
    Student Council members are participating in.
    Upcoming Events: Elections for new members (date TBA).  Note:  if you were a Student Council representative last year and would like to be one again this year, you do not have to go through the election process.  Since last year was weird, and we didn't get to do much, I will let you continue through this year.
    Ongoing Events: TBA
    2020-2021 Fairview Student Council Representatives Election Results:
    This year we elected three representatives from each homeroom class.  They had to make a campaign poster and give a short speech to their class.  Good citizenship, following the rules, treating everyone with respect and kindness, and being serious about your learning are very important.  If a student council member gets a referral anytime after the election or their grades drop below 70, they will be put on probation until the next grading period.  Probation means that they are still a representative, but they cannot attend any meetings or activities while on probation.   If it happens twice, they will be removed as a representative.
    Congratulations to this year's student council representatives:
    Xavier, Mia, Wren, Aubri, Teagan,
    Giovanni, Nate, Jayse, and Cole!! 


     Jayse was absent when we took this picture.
    StuCo fun
    Cole, Nate, and Jayse having fun!
     Here are the links to videos we did for the virtual learners last year...
    Dr. Seuss' Birthday and Read Across America Day
    Seuss day
    Passing out Water Bottles During Snowmageddon
    water bottles    water bottles two
    Christmas Fun!
    Christmas     Cole and Nate    Teagan
                  The whole gang as Christmas characters.                                    Cole and Nate greeting students as they arrive to school.                                 Teagan's Christmas outfit.  
    Red Ribbon Week pictures!
    Wear Red day
     We are 'Red'y to Live a Drug Free Life!
    (wear red to kick off Red Ribbon Week)
    crazy hair and socks  crazy hair 1  crazy hair 2  crazy hair 3  crazy hair 4  my bird hair  me head to toe
    From Head To Toe, I'm Drug Free!
    (wear crazy hair and crazy socks)
    Aubri and Mrs. Nash     Pete the cat twins
    Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs!
    (dress like a twin with your friend)
    costumes   bee
    Drugs Are Scary, Put Them To Sleep!
    (wear your favorite school appropriate pajamas or Halloween costume to Halloween masks or face paint)