Classroom Guidance



    Classroom Guidance for 2022-2023

    Twice a week, I go into the library and present a  guidance lesson.  Each student will get two guidance lessons per month.  This page will let you know what lesson I will be teaching for that month.  If you have any questions, or do not want your child to participate, please email me at

    My theme for this year is "Little Spot Detective".

    little spots 
    We are going to focus on being kind to others and ourselves while learning about our emotions, feelings, and character traits.  We will be using books, videos, and songs created by Diane Alber.
    parade       spirit

    Our Character focus for November/December will be Thankfulness and Trustworthiness.
    All students should have access to my Google classroom, if they don't, please contact me and I will add them.
    Our Lessons...
    Nov. - We will talk about Thankfulness/Gratitude.  After learning what it means, we will explore the many things we are thankful for.  We will read books like A Little Thankful Spot by Diane Alber and Gratitude is My Superpower by Alicia Ortego.  At the end of the lesson, students will create their own gratitude rock for our hallway bulletin board because Gratitude Rocks!  If you are in the building, come and check out all of our rocks and the things we are thankful for!
    gratitude rocks
    Dec. - We will tackle the concept of trustworthiness.  We will talk about the importance of telling the truth and being honest.  After learning about honesty from Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey on His Back by Howard Binktow and Susan F. Cornelison and A Little Spot of Honesty by Diane Alber, we will play a game.  In the game, we will look at certain situations and try and decide if they are showing honesty.  If it is an example of lying, cheating, or stealing...we will remove a block from our Jenga tower (the tower of trustworthiness).  The thought point  of the lesson is that every time we are dishonest, our tower becomes more unstable and people will not trust us, but if we are trustworthy, our tower will remain strong.
    Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
    These are the videos made during our time doing virtual school.
    I have made some videos on different topics.  Here are the links for you to watch. 
    I Care Cat rules in the News (April 27-May1, 2020).  Remember to treat each other with respect and kindness.
    My lesson on feelings (April 20-24, 2020).  Remember, all feelings are okay!
    This is a link to the read aloud book The Color Monster by Anna LLenas that I referenced in the feelings video.  I hope you enjoy it.
    My lesson on Mindfulness (April 13-17, 2020).  Don't forget to take care of yourself!
    Here is a short lesson on perseverence (April 2020's character theme).  Remember, never give up!
    Here is a video explaining the new sheets that will be added to the take home packets and to the Google Classroom pages.  I hope you enjoy them. (2020)
    Here is a silly joke.
    Here is a video where I am just checking in and saying hello! (2020)