Activity Sites K-4

  • The web links provided below is a good resource for you when doing research for homework assignments or specific class topics. The links are organized by groups for easy reference. Simply click on the link title to go to the website.

    Alphabet Action
    Young students can click on a letter to hear it's name and to see a picture that goes with the letter.

    Young students will love Arthur's page from PBS. It includes games, coloring pages for all of Arthur's friends and a story scramble.

    AzKidsNet: Knock Knock Jokes
    This is a great humor site with many kinds of riddles and jokes. The punchline is hidden until you make it appear. On the Knock Knock Jokes pages, hover over "Who's There?" with your mouse to see the question, and then move over to "Answer" to see the punchline. The other joke pages, such as Elephant Jokes, Riddles, and Brainteasers, use a variety of different (but easy to use) click and hover techniques to keep the answers hidden until you are ready for them.

    Boowa & Kwala
    This is a cute site with online activities for preschool students. Includes Games, Songs, Special Occasions, and Stories.

    Building Blocks
    This page has a variety of Flash games for young children.

    Chateau Meddybemps Games

    Chateau Meddybemps Stories

    Clifford the Big Red Dog

    An amusement park of math fun!

    Count Us In Games (ABC Learn)  
    Fifteen online games designed to help children understand basic concepts in mathematics.

    Curious George: Present Time
    This is a cute game for very young students. In Present Time, students choose a person to give a gift to, choose the gift, go to the store, decorate the wrapping paper, and then give it away.

    Cyberchase Games Central
    This highly interactive and colorful site offers a collection of math games for students at various elementary and middle school academic levels. Content focuses on math concepts such as patterns, number sense, fractions, geometry, probability, logic, and measurement. The site frequently adds new games and regularly features one as the game of the day.

    Explore Letters, Colors and Writing
    This site from The Literacy Center is a fun place for pre-k and kindergarten children to visit and explore. 
    On the Parents tab on this page of games, you can search for games by age or subject.

    Fun School
    Fun School is back with a new look!

    Fun Things to Do
    Dress a bunny. Build a robot. (Drag and create.) Coloring pages. Grades: Pre-K-1. Great for improving mouse skills.


    Students can explore various subjects through fun interactive activities including KB Farm, Dino Reserve, Science World, A to Z Animals, Geo World, and more.

    Kids' Planet
    Kids' Planet has Games, Cool Stuff, Teacher's Table, Web of Life, Wordwide Wolves, Get the Facts. etc.

    The idea behind the site was to provide free online educational games for young kids, not only to teach colors, shapes and animal names, but also to teach young users the basics of how to use a computer.

    Learning Coins  
    Learning Coins is an educational activity that introduces elementary age children to US coins and the dollar bill. Coins are introduced to children with audio support and with interactive activities.


    Little Animals Activity Centre: From BBC Education
    Make crafts, play word, number and music games, read stories, and more. Activities are designed to reinforce material that children are learning in school. This site for kids 4 to 8 features cute animal characters and animations. You will need Shockwave to view the activities.

    Little Explorers Picture Dictionary  
    Students click on a letter to see a page of words that begin with that letter. There are many links to explore.

    Marble Math  
    In this math game for kindergarteners, students must help the Marble Pirate collect his marbles by solving math problems. They can click on the answer or drag the correct number of marbles into the box to help practice counting.

    Math Games

    Mr. Elephant's Memory Game
    This game uses a variety of image sets in a concentration style game for grades K-3. Each level builds and gets harder the longer you are able to stay in the game.

    Must Pop Words  
    This little addictive game can help students practice their spelling skills. Type words using the letters that fall. Don't let the screen fill up with unused letters, or the game is over!

    Pauly's Playhouse
    Pauly's Playhouse is a site for PK-Kindergarten students. There are many games and activities in the three sections Games, Laboratory, and Cartoons.

    PBS Kids

    PBS Kids Go!
    The wide array of really cool games on the PBS Kids site provides hours of learning. Students will learn about living green, history, and just about every other subject. 
    This site is designed by parents of young kids. It contains learning games suitable for kindergarten students.

    Poisson Rouge
    There are a ton of activities to explore on this site. They say, "There are no instructions and there are some good reasons for that. Most people, even adults, do not read instructions. Children who cannot read will ignore written text anyway, but most importantly for us, there is no need and in fact, instructions get in the way of the experience. The navigation through the various sections of the site is purposefully simple and intuitive." Be sure to also click on Encyclopedia Interactica in the bottom right corner.

    Quack's Apples  
    This site is a great way to teach about how things move. Although it is geared toward preschool children, even middle school kids would enjoy moving the sticks around in the game to make a path for Quack’s apple to land in the pond. The game starts out very simply, but gets increasingly difficult by adding more sticks that the player needs to decide whether they are necessary for making the path, and by placing holes that the apples can fall into. There’s even a free app so it can be played anywhere.

    Scholastic Kids

    Simon Says
    Do what Simon Says at this virtual game similar to the old favorite! Follow the pattern of lights and sounds and repeat back to Simon. Start with one sound/light. Simon plays that and adds another. Repeat back, and Simon adds one more every time. Earn a point for each time you repeat back the sequence correctly. Continue for as long as you can remember. This is the online version of the handheld game, Simon.

    Smarty Games has educational and fun games for children. "We have carefully selected interactive learning games that will help young children develop their creativity, visualization, problem-solving skills, math skills, and the curiosity for knowledge that will help them to be successful with today's elementary school curriculum."

    Students learn to read with games and stories.

    Super Why Spelling Cake Game  
    In this game from PBS, young students can practice spelling skills. They are guided through the game as it verbally asks the student to select letters that make a certain sound.

    Toy Maker
    This site has paper cut-outs that you can print in color, cut out, and glue together to create various toys. Makes a great activity for hand-eye coordination, and practicing with scissors and glue.

    Wacky Web Tales
    Fill in words that match particular parts of speech. The computer then turns the words into a Wacky Tale! When finished, print out your Wacky Tale.