Homework Terms

  • Take Flight Homework Terms

    This page is to explain the terms used on the homework log.  If your child has a concept for homework, it will have a check mark placed beside it.  Parents are to initial that someone has listened to their child read.  There will be no homework on Fridays.

    Hand on the homework calendar represents handwriting.  Handwriting is only given when a new letter or letter concept has been presented in class.  We try to convert to cursive handwriting as soon as possible to eliminate the possibilities of reversals and letter confusions.  There will be a check mark placed on the line beside (hand) if your child has handwriting homework.  It would consist of 2 lines of cursive letters.

    RAP represents “Rapid Accurate Practice.” This activity reinforces the concept taught with that day’s lesson.  Each word read will be related to the same letter concept. 

    IW represents “Instant Words.” When this is checked your child will read to someone checking for accuracy and automaticity, being able to read it quickly without sounding it out.  The top half of the page will have been reviewed in class.  There is a cycle that will be continued throughout the year for Instant words.  For 2 weeks, 10 new words will be presented and practiced in different formats: columns, rows, then sentences.  The third week will be a review of the 20 words learned in the previous 2 weeks using the same format.  Although there are 5 columns of words listed, each column consists of the same 10 words in a different order.  These lists make up the most commonly used words in written English.  It is very difficult to achieve fluency in reading or writing unless these words are known “instantly.”  

     Rate represents a list of words which align with a story that is being read orally in class.  Initially, the story is timed for accuracy and rate before the words are practiced, then timed again after the words have been practiced in different formats in class and at home.  It is helpful to your child’s fluency to practice reading these words at home. You do not have to time your child at home.  In class your child reads for 30 seconds to see if he/she is making gains.

    PI represents “Parent Initials” to let me know your child has completed his homework with an adult or older sibling.    

    Practicing these word lists at home will be very beneficial to your child’s rate of success.  I appreciate all that you do as parents to help make your child successful.