Helpful Strategies

  • Having a Successful School Year

    Everyone feels nervous when starting a new school year! Some tips to make your year go more smoothly:

      -  Talk to the teacher. Make sure your child’s teacher knows he or she is dyslexic and has classroom accommodations. 

      -  Ask the teacher to reduce the spelling list to 10 words, if needed.

      - For spelling, instead of copying the words 10 times each, have your student write the word once on an index card and then trace it, naming the letters out loud, or type the words on the computer.  Sign it so the teacher will know he or she did the work.

      -  Have a set place/time for homework.  A good rule is to use the kitchen table before dinner. 

      -  Help your child with homework.  They may need to have things read to them, or students who struggle with writing might need to use the computer for writing tasks. 

      -  Help your child keep organized.  Clean out his or her backpack each night and check their homework folder. 

      -  Call me if you need help or if you want me to talk with a teacher. 

      -  Be supportive and positive.  Focus on what your child does right and his or her strengths.  Remember, Einstein didn’t pass his college entrance exam the first time!


    With your partnership, I know this will be a productive and successful year of learning!