• Sherman ISD uses iWatchTexas, a community reporting system to help keep our schools safe.

    Reports can be made anonymously. 

    This site is not designed to report emergencies. If it is an emergency, call 911.

    Your attention and awareness of suspicious behavior or activity, when promptly reported to police, can help prevent crime and save lives. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep Texas safe.

    What should I report?

    Protecting our students, faculty and schools requires everyone’s support. By alerting the proper authorities to incidents that concern you, we can take steps towards preventing rather than reacting to school violence. We encourage you to report anything that may trouble you: no concern is too small!

    What makes a good report? 

    Remember that the iWatch program is about behaviors and activities,  NOT individuals. What they are doing matters; their ethnic or religious background does not.

    Make a Report