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    Sherman ISD is committed to providing quality educational resources to engage students.

    Instructional resources are educational aids or materials intended to be used by all students for instructional purposes. Sherman ISD provides a wide range of instructional resources for students and faculty that present varying levels of difficulty, diversity of appeal, and a variety of points of view to enrich and support the educational program. ​

    These resources may include textbooks, supplementary materials for classroom use, including digital resources, used for formal or informal teaching and learning purposes. Books and other resources are also made available to students through campus or classroom libraries. Library books are intended for voluntary use by students as they self-select independent reading materials, and are not intended to be the primary source of instruction. 

    These pages are intended to provide information on the governance of instructional resources, as well as information for those who have questions or want to challenge the appropriateness of resources the District provides to students. 


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