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    This is a basic resource for parents and students to keep up with our curriculum and deadlines. The most important thing for all of us to remember is: EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE, because we are so often affected by events out of our control. That's just the "nature of the beast" in education these days, and so we learn to adjust our schedules in order "to do what must be done, in the way it must be done, in the time it must be done, whether we feel like doing it at the moment or not." And that is what is now called a "College and Career Readiness Skill," and perhaps the most important lesson any of us will learn in our entire lifetime.

    The specific class pages will give general deadlines for long-term assignments. They will also give important dates which will affect our class time (Senior Meeting, PSAT, etc.)

    The easiest way to communicate with me is via school e-mail:
    I try to answer all e-mails on the day I receive them, or the day after. I'm always happy to answer parent or student questions about assignments. When my students do well, we're all successful, so whatever I can do to help them do our required work successfully I'm more than happy to answer.