Transition 2020
  • During our September SISD Board of Trustees meeting, a workshop on our Transition 2020 Project was held to discuss some of the important decisions that are before us and a timeline for action that will best prepare us for the future. We are providing that same information to our parents and community members so that all stakeholders are informed about the important preparations that still must be made, and how and when to participate in any discussion or action. 

    Sherman ISD has been actively working on our Transition 2020 Project to achieve our district's transition goals:

    • Upgrade classroom instructional technology and districtwide technology systems
    • Design and build a new Sherman High School
    • Expand enrollment capacity in grades 6-8 by opening a second middle school campus, Sherman Middle School
    • Rezone our elementary schools into K-5 campuses

    A workshop on the Transition 2020 Project was held to discuss some of the important decisions that are before us and a timeline for action that will best prepare us for tour transition. The following major topics were discussed as part of the Transition 2020 Project:

    Opening the New Sherman High School

    Despite the weather challenges we have faced throughout the project, all signs are still positive and we remain committed to opening the new Sherman High School in August of 2020. To mitigate the impact of any possible future weather delays and to make the move efficient and seamless for our staff at Piner and SHS, we are planning to start the new school year in late August. The 2020-2021 calendar will be considered by our calendar committee and other groups in November-January for presentation to our Trustees in early winter. 

    Redesigning the Attendance Boundaries for Grades K-8

    Returning to a K-5 elementary grade configuration and a 6-8 middle-grade configuration was strongly prioritized by our Building Bearcats Committee. Under this model, SISD elementary schools, including Dillingham, would serve grades K-5, and Piner and Sherman Middle School would serve grades 6-8. This instructional model has been used successfully in our district’s past and allows 5th graders to remain in an elementary setting for one additional year. It also reduces the number of school building transitions that our students make.  

    Transition 2020 K-8 Implementation Important Points

    • Changes to grades K-8 attendance boundaries will still be determined October-December 2019.
    • Implementation of boundary changes for elementary students (K-5) will not take place until the 2021-2022 school year. 
    • Next year, (August 2020), rising sixth graders will attend either Piner or Sherman Middle School according to the new attendance boundaries. 
    • Rising fifth graders will attend Dillingham Intermediate
    • Children entering grades K-4 will continue to attend their elementary campuses in 2020-2021.
    • In August of 2021, Dillingham will begin serving elementary students and the redesign of all elementary attendance boundaries will be fully implemented.
    • In August of 2021, Jefferson Elementary will no longer be utilized as an elementary campus and all students will be zoned to the Dillingham campus.

    This revised approach to rezoning means that any elementary boundary changes determined this fall will ultimately impact fewer of our current elementary students. It also gives staff, students, and parents an additional year to adjust to the boundary changes at elementary, the closing of Jefferson Elementary, and gives the fifth graders more space at a campus that will be all their own for one year. 

    Addressing Facility Needs at Middle School

    Opening a second middle school is going to provide increased capacity for our growing enrollment in grades 6-8. It will also allow our district to strengthen our athletics, fine arts, and advanced academic programs by increasing the number of teams, performing groups, and sections of advanced academic classes. Throughout the next 10 months, district staff will be identifying and prioritizing maintenance projects and facility upgrades for both middle school campuses. It is of the highest priority that we maintain equity among our core academic, athletic and fine arts programs. Because there was no additional funding for these projects included in the 2017 bond program, we will be making as many facility improvements as possible using our existing funds.

    Possible projects that have already been identified include:

    • Upgrading HVAC and Energy Management Systems (EMS)
    • Painting building interiors including classrooms
    • Replacing flooring in specific locations
    • Addressing repairs throughout both campuses
    • Completing the fire loop and interior driveline near the west gym at Sherman Middle School 
    • Replacing wheel chair lift at Piner Middle School
    • Addressing gym and fine arts space at Piner Middle School
    • Identifying facility space at Sherman Middle School that can be shared by all middle school students 

    Starting Full-Day Pre-K

    The 86th Texas Legislature determined that Texas school districts will begin offering full-day Pre-K classes to all eligible 4-year-old students immediately. It has long been a strategic goal in our district to expand our Pre-K program, but our facility constraints at both Fred Douglass and most of our elementary schools have prevented us from achieving this goal. However, with the decision to make the current SHS a second middle school, we now have additional classroom space available. In order to accommodate a full-day Pre-K program by the 2021-2022 school year, we would take the following action:

    • Renovate the “H” hall at the current Sherman High School to create a new dedicated space for Perrin Learning Center students. This dedicated and renovated environment would be “right-sized” for high school students. Because Perrin Learning Center serves high school students who seek scheduling flexibility while completing high school, the campus would have a separate, dedicated entrance and parking lot.  PLC students would also not co-exist with Sherman Middle students at any time during the school day.
    • Expand Pre-K and Head Start to Perrin with Fred Douglass and Perrin serving our early childhood students. This move would allow us to serve Pre-K students in a full-day program with two dedicated early childhood centers without seeking a bond election. It would also allow us to meet an additional priority of the Building Bearcats Committee: utilize Perrin in a manner that’s closest to its intended use and SHS (new Sherman Middle School) in an efficient manner that maximizes the facility’s use.

    Beginning a Two-Tier Transportation System

    In the fall of 2017, we began discussing making critically needed changes to our transportation routing system that would increase efficiency, save money, and greatly reduce wait times and route lengths. Many of our current routes mix secondary and elementary students and we have children arriving at school up to an hour early and staying after school up to an hour as well. Some of our routes are not completed until 5:45 in the evening. Adding another campus in August 2020 will require changes to our transportation system. 

    Specific changes to our transportation system, including new start times for our schools, will be considered in the November-February time frame. Information will be shared in fall faculty meetings at each campus and a final determination will be made by late winter.

    Staffing Sherman Middle, Piner Middle, and Dillingham Elementary 

    With any grade configuration change comes the opportunity for some staff at the affected campuses to move to a different grade level or campus. This fall, teachers at Piner and Dillingham will be surveyed regarding their teaching certifications and grade level/subject preferences. To the greatest extent possible, employee preferences will be considered when making transfer decisions. In order to ensure the success and viability of both middle school campuses, it is important that we are deliberate in the staffing of each school. Making sure Piner Middle School and Sherman Middle School have the staff in place to be successful in academics, athletics, and fine arts is our top priority.  We are focused on having experienced teachers, coaches, and lead teachers at both middle school campuses. Decisions about Dillingham and Piner 2020-2021 staff transfers will be made by spring break.