• At the Matterhorn

    Welcome to my Social Studies page!

    I teach AP Human Geography, U.S. History, and World Geography. I am a life-long Shermanite and a graduate of Sherman High School. I currently hold five teaching certifications ranging from secondary social studies and technology to elementary education. Besides teaching, I travel and observe the world with 24 countries visited so far giving me a unique geographical and historical perspective.


  • My Schedule

    1st Period       World Geography with Inclusion
    2nd Period       AP Human Geography
    3rd Period       U.S. History
    4th Period       U.S. History
    5th Period       U.S. History with Inclusion
    B Lunch
    6th Period       Conference
    7th Period       World Geography with Inclusion

  • Parents and Guardians

    I would like to take an opportunity to introduce myself and to welcome your student to another great school year here at Sherman High School!

    To better keep up with your student’s progress, I would like to encourage you to visit the parent portal on the Sherman I.S.D. website. The parent viewer for the Pinnacle gradebook lets you access student grades and attendance:

    https://gradebook.shermanisd.net/parentportal/ .

    Instructions for registering in the Pinnacle parent viewer can be found in English and Spanish at:  http://www.shermanisd.net/parents.cfm?subpage=616639 .